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Warzone Season 4 Caldera Map Changes - New POI, ATMs, EMP Grenade and More

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 sees an overhaul of Caldera, including the return of Storage Town, a new Armored SUV, ATMs, EMP Grenade, and more.
Warzone Season 4 Caldera Map Changes - New POI, ATMs, EMP Grenade and More

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Warzone, entitled Mercenaries of Fortune, has arrived and includes a menu of content, ranging from new weapons, UGM-8 and Marco 5, to a massive overhaul of Warzone's Caldera map.

Veteran players can also take a trip down memory lane in Warzone Season 4 by revisiting the new Storage Town point of interest (POI) on Caldera, which is reminiscent of the Verdansk map, albeit with some additional changes.

In addition, there are many other POIs in Warzone Season 4, including a new Armored SUV, ATMs, and EMP Grenade. In this article, we'll be discussing all the latest changes to Caldera in Warzone Season 4.

All map changes on Caldera in Warzone Season 4

all caldera map changes warzone season 4
There are loads of changes to Caldera in Warzone Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

On 15th June 2022, Activision teased multiple changes to Caldera over Twitter. Accordingly, the developers noted there would be "new micro-POIs" and "secret underground Mercenary Vaults," with several other changes imminent in Warzone Season 4.

The Mercenary Vaults may function similarly to the Rebirth Island Golden Vaults in previous seasons and will likely unlock a ton of Cash, valuable loot, and weapons; however, this remains to be seen.

The developers also hinted at a 50% reduction in vegetation, offering better map visibility. This was later explained by Caldera being hit by a "severe drought" per the official Call of Duty blog post released on 16th June 2022.

The blog post mentioned several other changes, too, including many new camps cropping up from outside the Resort to the Runway; and additional pathways, including scaffolding across multiple Capital Buildings and steps near the Gondola Station.

In addition, Caldera sees the return of Storage Town POI (a replacement for the Ancient Ruins) that will be located "between the Mines, Airfield, Village, and Dig Site" near steep cliffs in the center of the island. It will also be teeming with lockers "filled with Contracts and item spawns" and warehouses offering great sniping points.

caldera map changes armored suv warzone season 4
The new Armored SUV has Nitro Boost to get around Caldera quickly. (Picture: Activision)

The Armored SUV will be released mid-season and can be used by Warzone players to quickly explore the many new POIs across Caldera, thanks to the SUV's Nitro Boost. "It includes a dedicated rooftop turret seat and room for Operators to use their loadout weapons, making this one mean vehicle that begs to be used in the field."

Finally, Caldera will see ATMs that periodically spew out massive heaps of Cash (up to a maximum holding), which can be particularly useful in new game modes like Golden Plunder.

atm caldera gold plunder warzone season 4
Cash in on insane rewards at the many ATMs scattered around Caldera. (Picture: Activision)

Finally, players can temporarily use the new non-lethal EMP Grenade to disable vehicles and strip enemies of their HUD information. This item can prove useful to disrupt enemy players or gain the upper hand during combat.

Notably, Activision will release another "deep dive" blog post into Caldera and the new Fortune's Keep map next week, detailing even more exciting features players can look forward to in Warzone Season 4.

For additional coverage of the ultra-popular series, you can navigate to our section dedicated to Call of Duty guides, news, features, patch notes, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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