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Warzone Season 5 Red Doors: All locations, secret rooms, destinations and more

Find where every single location of the Red Doors in Warzone Season 5, as well as how to enter its secret room and all its spawning locations.
Warzone Season 5 Red Doors: All locations, secret rooms, destinations and more

Since Season 4, the Red Doors have brought a lot of mystery into Call of Duty: Warzone as these portals give players a great opportunity to find incredible loot, but also allow players to fast travel around the map to a random location.

Finding these doors is quite easy, as these will retain the same location as in Season 4, however, with this new season something has changed as finding high-level loot with these will require more than just crossing straight through them.

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors: All locations

For starters, you will find the locations of all these doors in Season 5 of Warzone right below, divided by zones to make it easier for you if you want to drop in a specific place.


Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Summit
Red Doors at Summit area. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • Inside the R306 building, run up the stairs on the left. Enter both sets of double doors and turn right immediately to find it.
  • Locate the right side of the R306 building, climb the stairs and head through the first grey door you find, then turn right and look underneath the stairs.
  • Head towards the large building located near the helicopter, walk up to the soviet flag, turn left and it will be next to a desk.
  • Enter the small building near the helicopter, and you will find one in an isolated space next to some green boxes.
  • Land between the large building and the separate room, walk inside the separate room with a “03” painted on the side, to find a red door between two windows.
  • Enter the building located in Summit next to the vehicle, walk through and take the first door on the right side of the room. It will be located behind the door you just opened.

Salt Mines

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Salt Mines
Red Doors at the Salt Mines. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • Try to land on the railings of the largest building to the north of the Salt Mines. Enter the grey door, then both double doors, walk until you reach the end of the room on the right, and you will find a red door opposite the windows.
  • Within the same connected building on the other side, climb up the stairs, there’s a red door straight ahead.
  • The building located in the middle of Salt Mines have tracks coming out of it. Follow the tracks until you reach the grey shutters and turn left, and you find a red door on the brick wall.
  • Go into the building located on the southwest side of the Salt Mines, enter through the double doors, go up the stairs and turn right immediately, and it will be next to some cardboard boxes.
  • In the building on the southeast corner of the Salt Mines, head up both sets of stairs and go through the first door on the right, turn right again and walk forward into a single area.

Old Mines

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Old Mines
Red Doors at the Old Mines. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • Head to the building in the middle, and enter through the window.
  • Below this building, you will spot some train tracks. Enter the building via the tracks, head towards the only door in the building and go right.


Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Factory
Red Doors around the Factory. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • In the Factory area, head to the blue aircraft hangar found near the airplane. Walk through the largest door and turn right. The red door will be located on the right wall.
  • Climb up the stacked objects and stairs to enter the airplane parked outside the Factory, walk straight until you reach the back of the plane.
  • Enter the middle building towards the south side of the Factory. You will see the front of a parked airplane, then drop down near the wheels of the plane and look to the left. The red door will be on the left wall.
  • Within the same building, head up the stairs until you reach the roof, and turn to the right.
  • Go underground through the tunnel that connects the two buildings together. Head down the stairs and make a right to reach the red door.
  • Parachute down onto the second floor of the southeast building. From there, break open the windows on the right side of the building until you find a roof, and you will find the door between the windows.


Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Stadium
Red Doors inside the Stadium. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • Enter the Stadium via the ground floor east entrance and head through the door on the right, then look ahead on a wall covered in graffiti.
  • Instead of walking through the door on the right, run up the stairs until you reach the next floor. Head down the corridor with a blue door on the left, then enter that door to find a red door on the left side of the wall next to a whiteboard.
  • Go to the south side of the Stadium beyond the parked vehicles, run towards the hanging lights and head to the left side of the room.
  • On the west side of the Stadium, head up the stairs. As you make your way between floors, the red door will be located right before you reach the top floor.
  • Run up the stairs on the west side of the Stadium and take a hard left. The red door is opposite a breakable window which takes you out onto the road.
  • The last door is located on the north side of the Stadium. Climb several sets of stairs leading up to the building. Once you reach the final set of stairs, you will find it on the right side of the wall.

Downtown Plaza

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Downtown Plaza
Red Doors at Downtown Plaza POI. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • Go into Downtown Plaza and look for the elevator shaft. Zipline up to the highest point, enter the room and go up the stairs, then search the building for another set of stairs, this should take you to floor 32. Go through the door, turn right and walk straight ahead until you find a red door at the end of the room.
  • Head inside Downtown Plaza and run up to the second floor, then turn left until you reach a red door surrounded by marble.

Small Farm

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors Small Farm
Red Doors at the Small Farm. (Picture: CharlieIntel)
  • Head to the windmill in Small Farm, it’s the northernmost building in the area. The red door is on the left side of the property
  • On the west side of Small Farm, enter the building through the window on the right side, where you’ll spot the door opposite the bed.
  • Search the southernmost building on the Small Farm, where you will find a yellow tractor right outside the area. Run past the tractor and head into the building on the left, and the red door will be on the same wall as the building.
  • Open the door to this same building on the Small Farm, walk up the stairs and take a right, and look up next to the window.

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors: Secret rooms and destinations

Once you find any of these red doors, all you have to do is interact with them and these will open, showing a glowing room where up to four players can enter before it closes again. However, varying from the ones in Season 4, the red doors of Season 5 will transport you to a new secret room with four more doors.

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors secret rooms
A look of the secret room inside the Red Doors. (Picture: Call of Duty Fanatics)

You will have 30 seconds to choose any of these doors, but only one of these will lead you to the high-level loot, while the others will be traps that will redeploy you to the sky.

To choose the right one, we recommend you to use your headsets as you must listen closely to the sounds from behind the doors. Three of the doors will always have the same deep noises, and the right will have something that will make them stand out, like a school bell, an alarm clock, or even the voice of a character.

After you reach any of the correct red doors, you will be sent to any of 12 different locations loaded with powerful weapons, specialist tokens and more. These locations will be randomized every single time you enter these, meaning if you enter the same door in another game, it will send you to another location.

Warzone Season 5 Red Doors destinations
All Red Doors destinations. (Picture: CharlieIntel)

These doors will also become the spotlight of a new event that involves a series of numbers you will find when crossing through them, so take a close look at any of these to prepare yourself for future events.

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