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Warzone Season 5 Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles In COD

This guide details the best sniper rifles to use in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5, ranking all snipers from best to worst.
Warzone Season 5 Sniper Tier List - Best Sniper Rifles In COD

With the last season of Call of Duty: Warzone debuting on 24th August 2022, players have rushed to play all they can while the period lasts. In Warzone Final Stand Season 5, the game has taken a villain versus heroes theme, featuring new modes, weapons, and ways to win games. While the season lasts, find out how you can win games more comfortably using the best Sniper Rifles in Warzone.

This tier list guide details all the available Sniper Rifles players can use in Warzone but also highlights the best among the worst. Although not every weapon will remain as strong or weak in the coming weeks, this tier list depicts the most accurate information at the time of writing.

Warzone Season 5 (2022) Sniper Rifle Tier List

tier list best worse sniper rifles warzone season 5 last stand
This tier list details the best and worse Sniper Rifles in Warzone Last Stand Season 5.

Like all majorly significant updates, Sniper Rifles in Warzone Season 5 were more tuned overall. Despite not being any new additions, the weapons had various tweaks in the form of weapon balance changes to specific Sniper Rifles, affecting previous and current meta hierarchy. Here are some of the best you can use and the worst you should avoid picking up.

Tier rank description:

  • S-Tier: This tier comprises the strongest meta weapons. These are picks that most competitive players will use until something better comes along. They are near, if not some being complete, flawlessly designed.

  • A-Tier: These Sniper Rifles come close to S-Tier, and the line is often blurred. But in a fight with two equal players, the top-tier weapons will have the edge in consistency and power; maybe not as might as S-Tier Sniper Rifles, they hold their own in a fight.

  • B-Tier: Here, you'll find the middle tier of the Sniper Rifles. These would still be considered usable, but they will certainly need the right attachments. Again, expect to lose some uneven fights; it may not be every fight, but you might lose.

  • C-Tier: This is where weapons start to lose quality. Attachments can help these, but they are primarily for fun. You can pull off some great plays, but they are going to lose a lot of crossfires. You’ll find these guns subpar, last-handed efforts in desperate situations.

  • D-Tier: Any weapon in this category should be avoided. They aren't competitive, and because of their lack of power, they are usually not fun. These Sniper Rifles are the epitome of trash in Sniper form and shouldn’t be picked up. It’d rather be worth using any other gun than these weapons.

Note: This tier list will be ranked based on the latest Warzone Last Stand Season 5 patch notes and the current meta throughout the season. The goal is to create the most accurate tier list that reflects the meta, but all lists will have some differences. 

S-Tier Sniper Rifles

gorenko anti tank rifle warzone
This is the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.

Remaining unchanged, the best Sniper Rifles players can use in Warzone are the ZRG 20mm, 3-Line Rifle, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, and HDR.

These guns function somewhat differently but comprise various unique features, making them shine brighter than most. Although the 3-Line Rifle was nerfed, it still works pretty well for a Sniper Rifle despite the knockdown with its magazine attachment.

  • ZRG 20mm

  • 3-Line Rifle

  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

  • HDR

A-Tier Sniper Rifles

ax-50 sniper rifle
This is the AX-50 Sniper Rifle.

Because of the Season 5 changes to Sniper Rifles, the Kar98k isn’t as strong in Warzone. That’s not to say it’s terrible, but compared to some of the options in the S-Tier list, it’s not a great contender.

On the bright side, the LW3 - Tundra did receive some buffs, making it a dynamic and viable Sniper Rifle to use in games. But, not as much of a buff to boost it up as a must-have when faced with other stronger options.

  • LW3 - Tundra

  • AX-50

  • Kar98k (Vanguard and Modern Warfare)

B-Tier Sniper Rifles

type 99 sniper rifle
This is the Type 99 Sniper Rifle.

You’ll find these Sniper Rifles to be average. Not too bad, not too good, and not an option when you put some of the other better choices against it. Consider these weapons as placeholders for when you get a better gun.

Despite Type 99 getting some pretty decent buffs, it’s not enough to make it any better than the guns listed above. However, you’ll find these guns somewhat comfortable to use throughout your games.

  • Type 99

  • K31 Swiss

  • M82

C-Tier Sniper Rifles

pelington 703 sniper rifle warzone
This is the Pelington 703 Sniper Rifle.

Although the Pelington 703 feels great to use, it’s not good. None of these listed guns are good. Most of them are quick options used in desperate situations. Despite some of these guns being Marksman Rifles, they’re still viable in a pinch. Just remember to change weapons later in the game.

  • Pelington 703

  • SP-R 208

D-Tier Sniper Rifles

dragunov sniper rifle warzone
This is the Dragunov Sniper Rifle.

These are, by far, the worst Sniper Rifles in the game, and you should never consider picking up any of these guns. You’d have an easier time using a Pistol to kill someone than ever using these Sniper Rifles.

It’s recommended to avoid them at all costs or use these in highly desperate situations and then find something else later on.

  • Rytec AMR

  • Dragunov

And that's all there is to it. So hop into Warzone and search for these fantastic Sniper Rifles while avoiding the more terrible options. 

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