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Warzone SMG tier list - every sub-machine gun ranked from best to worst

Getting the right SMG in Warzone is crucial to your success, Season 1 has seen the introduction and integration of new weapons from Black Ops Cold War drastically shifting the meta. We rank the best and worst SMGs - so you don't have to.
Warzone SMG tier list - every sub-machine gun ranked from best to worst
To grab the victory in a game of Warzone does require a slice of luck and skill but having the strongest weapons at your fingertips will always give you the edge in a gunfight. For this reason, we have compiled all 15 SMG’s into our tier system along with our favourite loadouts to jump into Verdansk with. We have also compiled lists in Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle classes to give you everything you need in Verdansk.

Each weapon included can be selected in Warzone from both Modern Warfare and Cold War games. Below is the tier table in which we place and grade weapons on characteristics.

Warzone SMG Tier list and system

We have opted this time for a three-tier system including:

S- Tier: The absolute best in SMG class available in Warzone currently
A-Tier: They can deal considerable damage from different ranges, but have small issues that slow it down. In the right hands, and correct attachments can generate great results
B-Tier: Performance is lacking in the current meta and requires the individual to make many adjustments for success. With correct loadout, it can produce results but lacks behind more commonly used SMGs.

The list 

Warzone SMG Tier list Mac-10 Season 1
(Picture: TierMaker)

S-Tier list

All the above SMGs have a great fire rate, high mobility and guarantee to make you the favourite in any close-range duel. They also provide you with a quick reload time of under three seconds, which more than compensates for magazine size. From short to mid-range the performance of these SMGs make them a force to be reckoned with. So when taking accuracy, reload time, rate of fire and movement speed into consideration, one of these deadly arms should be in your weapon classes. 

MAC 10 - Our favourite

Warzone Tier SMG Mac-10 Season 1(Picture: NICKMERCS)

A favourite amongst ourselves and twitch streamers including NICKMERCS is the Gallantry MAC 10 variant. The base MAC 10 itself is a deadly force, but with these attachments added, it ensures you have the advantage from short to medium range. This variant gives you high mobility, larger magazine capacity, and most importantly, great accuracy. In the ever-changing meta, it is important to grab any advantage and with this gun variant, you will find success. 

A-Tier List

  • AUG
  • Uzi
  • Bizon
  • Milano 821

The four SMGs above have the capabilities to perform on par with those in S-tier class, but each has its own minor issues that warrant its classification. They all have relatively low rounds per minute rates and reasonable aim down sight times. Magazine round issues can be negated and all weapons have reasonable aim down sight movement speeds. Both shots to kill and time to kill are reasonably high, meaning that any close engagement will more than likely end up resulting in you coming out on top.

AUG - Our favourite

Warzone Tier List A tier AUG(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

AUG is our pick of A tier list, it has devastating impact from short to medium range with minimum damage drop off. With the correct attachments, bullet spread stays relatively close and mostly kills within two bursts. The downside to the base model is that it is second slowest behind P90 in terms of reload time, and movement speed is joint lowest. Despite the negatives, the damage dealt and range makes the AUG viable if you want to run an SMG and AR hybrid. 

B-Tier List

  • Fennec
  • ISO
  • KSP 45
  • Striker 45
  • P90

These weapons lack in most areas when it comes to gunfights in Verdansk. It is possible to negate some issues including lack of damage, damage drop off, bullet velocity, aim down sights and movement speed. Unfortunately, when compared to other SMGs it can be difficult to come out on top. These have also been placed in this list when considering the meta, as when faced with a high damage dealing SMG, AR or sidearm you must be equipped with the best. 

KSP 45 - Favourite

KSP 45 Warzone Tier list season 1
(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

This weapon is the pick of the final tier as with the right attachments, it can deal good damage with each burst. The recommended range for this weapon is short and you do not need to worry too much about sight control as it is a burst weapon. The KSP 45 may pack some punch with each burst but will perform better with the Microflex LED and 40 round magazine. Those attachments will increase accuracy and should support you in drawn-out short engagements. 

With season two just around the corner, changes to many weapons and the current meta are sure to happen. Hopefully, this list gives you the guidance needed whilst hunting down the victories.