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COD Warzone Season 2: Release date, leaks, battle pass, zombies, weapons, more

Everything we know about Call of Duty Warzone Season 2, including the release date, new map, new weapons, Zombies, leaks, and more.
COD Warzone Season 2: Release date, leaks, battle pass, zombies, weapons, more

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 is just around the corner, and information about the next season is slowly starting to build up.

Developers Raven Software and Treyarch are still being silent about the Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and currently, we don't have any official announcement or details on what can we expect from Season 2.

Still, thanks to many leaks, teasers, and data miners, we already have a lot of information about what can we expect to come in Warzone Season 2.

The release of Season 1 last December was by far the biggest update in Warzone's history, with all BOCW weapons being added to the game (like extremely overpowered DMR 14), along with a completely new map, new operators, and more.

Given how successful was Season 1, Warzone players are having big expectation from Season 2 as well.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at everything we know about Warzone Season 2.

COD Warzone Season 2 Release Date

While not confirmed, Warzone Season 2 is almost guaranteed to come on 24th February.

This is based on the Season 1 Battle Pass countdown timer, which will end on 24th February, and it is expected for Season 2 to start shortly after.

While this is the most likely release date, the only thing which can change plans is some unforeseen delay, similarly to Season 2 delay from the previous year, when the season was delayed for a week.

Warzone Season 2 new map Ural Mountains

Warzone Season 2 new map
Possible location of a new Warzone map coming in Season 2 (Picture: Activision)

The Ural Mountains, heavily rumoured new map for Warzone, will supposedly come with Season 2.

According to leaks, the new map is inspired by the Ruka map, which is exclusively designed for the new Fireteam mode and takes place in Spetsnaz GRU training grounds within a forest in the Ural Mountains.

For more details about the new map in Warzone Season 2, visit this link.

Warzone Season 2 Zombies

It seems that developers are teasing the arrival of Zombies in Battle Royale.

Zombies mode is one of the most popular ways of playing Black Ops Cold War, and now it looks like they will come to Warzone as well.

This is currently pure speculation, based on some recent changes spotted in the Hospital on the Verdansk map.

Warzone Season 2 zombies
Zombies Trial Machine in Verdansk's hospital (Picture: Activision)

Apparently, devs have added Cold War Zombies Trial Machine in Hospital on Verdansk. The Machine looks rather strange, players can not interact with it, and textures are not of the highest quality. When you approach it the prompt is a script which reads "ZAI/ACTIVATE_ZOMBIES".

It is not clear if this was added on purpose as a tease, or devs accidentally put it there prematurely.

But that's not the only clue which suggests that Zombies are coming to Warzone.

On the new Rebirth Island map, players have encountered strange screen shaking, followed by a radio communication in Russian.

Reddit user Wolf-of-icewrack helped with translation, and apparently, this is the dialogue:

"-Dispatch, this is Russian ship "Vodyanoy" channel 1-2, over.

"-This is dispatch, requesting shipping permit to Verdansk, over.

"-Dispatch, cargo secured, all systems are fine. Get ready to go. Over."

Definitely intriguing but no one knows what it might mean. There are some theories that zombies might invade Verdansk which would prompt the launch of nukes from Bunker 11, thus destroying the map with some drastic changes.

Whatever it is, if Zombies do come to Warzone, that would not be the first time to have Zombies in COD battle royale - they were previously featured in Black Ops 4's battle royale mode. 

Warzone Season 2 new weapons

warzone season 2 release date new weapons
(Picture: Activision)

While there is no official information, based on rumours and leaks it is expected 5 new weapons to come in Cold War and Warzone throughout Season 2.

These new weapons are E-Tool, Machete, NTW-20, AI-LC10, and the Sykov.

The last one, Sykov Pistol, is already available in Warzone through survival mode.

AI-LC10 is supposedly a brand new SMG which will be featured in Call of Duty for the first time, while NTW-20 is a powerful anti-material sniper rifle.

E-Tool and Machete are new melee weapons, the first being a military combat shovel with some serious blunt damage, while Machete is, well... machete.

Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass

As usual, with the new season comes a new battle pass, which will be the case with Season 2 as well.

You can expect Season 2 Battle Pass to come stacked with all kinds of skins, blueprints, and other cosmetic content, as well as new weapons and operators.

When it comes to pricing, we expect it to cost the same as Season 1 Battle Pass: 1,000 COD or 10$ for the Battle Pass, or 2,400 COD Points if you want the version of Battle Pass with instantly unlocked first 20 tiers.

And there you have it, these are currently all the information we have about the upcoming Warzone Season 2. Make sure to check this article later again, as we will update it with all the new information released!

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