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Warzone Streamer Nadia Rejects Censor's Marriage Proposal Amid Cheating Claims

Call of Duty personality Doug “Censor” Martin has proposed to Nadia Amine, despite people thinking he'd be exposing her for cheating.
Warzone Streamer Nadia Rejects Censor's Marriage Proposal Amid Cheating Claims

Twitch streamer and Warzone player Nadia Amine has grown popular for accusations of cheating and hacking, following many supposedly suspicious actions in-game.

While viral clips of her joking about hacking haven’t helped tame speculation, Nadia has continuously shrugged off the accusations, using this new-found virality to amass millions of views on Twitch.

Among these accusations, Doug “Censor” Martin, a popular icon in the Call of Duty community best known for exposing hackers, claimed to have a message for Nadia on 29th September 2022.

Accordingly, Censor claimed to have proof to expose Nadia's cheating. But that wasn’t the case. In a confusing and surprising turn of events, Censor proposed to Nadia while riding on a jetski in a shirtless tux outfit. Let's say his plan didn't go so well.

Call of Duty Content Creator Censor Proposes To Nadia

censor expose nadia youtube video
Despite most people thinking Censor would've been exposing Nadia for cheating with concrete evidence, the YouTube video didn't turn out that way. (Picture: YouTube / Censor)

Probably considered one of the most confusing moments in Call of Duty, Censor, a person everyone thought had proof to expose Nadia of cheating in Warzone, had proposed to her through a YouTube video. 

Despite riling up fans and supposedly hinting he’d be exposing Nadia in a YouTube video and even publicly Tweeted that he was doing “the right thing” and had no agenda, Censor got the entire community watching, but not for obvious reasons.

Instead, the Call of Duty personality discussed Nadia’s virality of becoming one of the biggest female Warzone streamers worldwide. Then, he talked about the absurd videos claiming her to be cheating because of a few slowed-down gameplay clips that don’t serve these accusations justice. 

In the YouTube video, Censor said that it was “about showing the truth of Nadia, and somehow the internet over the last few days has really turned this into exposing Nadia for her cheats and having clear-cut evidence of her cheats.”

“[...] I don’t care about her. My video is going to be unbiased. I don’t need her. I’m not looking for clout. I’m not looking for money. I don’t need any of that stuff. But there is one thing I do need. The more I researched into Nadia, it all just became clear,” Censored added.

censor proposed nadia wedding ring
Censor ended up proposing to Nadia with a wedding ring. (Picture: YouTube / Censor)

Following this statement, Censor concluded the YouTube video with a clip of him wearing a shirtless tux outfit, riding a jetski to “Rebirth Island,” and hopping onto the harbor dock. The Call of Duty personality then went on one knee and proposed to Nadia with a wedding ring.

Despite Censor’s efforts to marry Nadia, he was swiftly rejected on Twitter, with her replying, “I’m so happy I like women.” He indirectly responded, stating he was “heartbroken again” after driving a jetski for seven hours to propose to Nadia, for her to tell Censor "she likes women."

Feel free to watch Censor’s full YouTube video above.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube via Censor and Instagram via Nadia.

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