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Modern Warfare 2's Broken Controller Aim Assist Goes Viral

Here's the scoop on the recent viral news of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's suspected broken aim assist from the recent Open Beta.
Modern Warfare 2's Broken Controller Aim Assist Goes Viral

With the beta release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, players have had the chance to see what they can expect from the game upon its full release.

And while the game has received praise for some aspects such as the new combat mechanics and an arsenal of new weapons, it has also received some criticism, such as the recent clip showcasing the "broken" aim assist that players on the controller are gaining. 

This recent clip has gone viral, and while some claim it's not too bad, others might consider it so heavy that it may be borderline cheating. So if you haven't heard the news surrounding this yet or you just want to know more about it, then keep reading as well take a look at Modern Warfare 2's suspected broken controller aim assist in more detail. 

Modern Warfare 2's Broken Controller Aim Assist Goes Viral

Modern Warfare 2's Broken Controller Aim Assist Goes Viral recent viral cli showcasing a possible broken aim assist
A recent tweet showcases a clip that eludes to the aim assist being broken in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's beta. (Picture: Activision)

For those unaware, aim assist is a built-in tool for players on the controller that provides them with some extra accuracy to help compensate for movement on the joysticks. And during years past, there's always been a debate on this topic regarding how heavy the assistance should be and if it should even be implemented at all on cross-platform.

Now the debate has been sparked by a recent tweet from Twitter user Maxiq, who posted a clip of them playing with a controller and showcasing the aim to assist in action. The clip was captioned by them as they stated: "I didn't even move my thumbstick at all to switch between the targets. it was all aim assist..."

The clip shown is quite telling as it shows Maxiq shooting an enemy in the distance, and once two enemies rush into the room, his crosshairs almost magnetically track and eliminate the two of them. And when put in the context of Maxiq stating that he didn't move his thumbstick at all, it does make us wonder whether the aim assist is broken in Modern Warfare 2. 

After posting this clip to Twitter, it immediately went viral and gained over 7,500 likes and hundreds of responses from fans, players and other content creators giving their opinions on the aim assist debate and the validity of the clip.

Some Twitter users such as HusKerrs are on the side of Maxiq and state that: "It’s a lost cause bro. 99.9% of the player base doesn’t even understand the complexity of the issue and thinks we’re trying to get them to remove aim assist."

Modern Warfare 2's Broken Controller Aim Assist Goes Viral whether valid or not players can make their own choices and check out the video
Although the aim assist's quality is being debated, fans are hopeful that the system will be balanced when the game fully releases. (Picture: Activision)

Other players are more critical of the clip and what it portrays, as they think Maxiq is lying and manually moved his crosshairs towards the players, stating: "Stop lying…of course, you’ve moved a bit". While we can't deny or confirm this information and its validity, Maxiq did release a full YouTube video addressing these comments and giving more context surrounding his clip.

So for right now, we hope that if the aim assist is broken that Infinity Ward does rectify the issue as soon as possible, as aim assist is a great tool to balance the scales and provide balanced gameplay to everyone wanting to enjoy Modern Warfare 2. 

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All featured images are courtesy of Activision.

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