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Warzone Ural Mountains map gameplay leaks, possibly Blackout 2.0?

The rumoured new Warzone map might actually be from another Call of Duty battle royale game, Blackout 2.0.
Warzone Ural Mountains map gameplay leaks, possibly Blackout 2.0?
A group of Call of Duty leakers has shared an 8-minute video that shows gameplay footage from the Ural Mountains map, which was supposed to be the next Warzone map based on several leaks and rumours from December last year.

It was heavily speculated that the Ural Mountains map will be the next "main" Warzone map as a part of the first Warzone anniversary and further integration with Black Ops Cold War.

warzone ural leak video
(Picture: Activision)

That didn't happen, and instead, Warzone ended up with the redesigned version of Verdansk, called Verdansk 1984, while Ruka (Ural Mountains) remained only a Fireteam map.

Still, it seems that rumours about this map and all the leaks were real, as evidenced by the latest leak.

On Sunday, 6th June, a group of Call of Duty leakers named Cheezburgerboyz has released an 8-minute-long video consisting of Ural Mountains gameplay.

At the very start of the video, a player shows the full mini-map where locations like Battery, Sanatorium, Ruka, Mines and Golova can be seen, then proceeds to run through the area, pick up loot, and show off surroundings.

The HUD that can be seen in the video matches the previously leaked images. It is different from the one seen in Warzone, which indicates that the map was either from the now-scrapped Blackout 2.0 project or there will be some big HUD changes for Warzone in future. 

Blackout 2.0 was supposed to be the next Call of Duty battle royale, but the project has been cancelled following the immense success of Warzone, though some elements have been reused for Black Ops Cold War and will supposedly be added to Warzone.

At the moment, there's nothing to indicate the future of this map, whether it is only a video of a cancelled project or it will come into Warzone later this year.