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Where to find Krampus in Warzone - Festive Fervor challenges

Warzone Pacific's Festive Fervor event is now live and the battle royale players are joined by the mysterious folklore creature known as Krampus. If you are looking for Krampus' locations on Caldera to complete Festive Fervor challenges, we've got you covered.
Where to find Krampus in Warzone - Festive Fervor challenges
The holiday season has already started in the world of video games, with the introduction of winter and Christmas themed events.

Starting 17th December, in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific players will have an opportunity to enjoy the Festive Fervor event over the next few weeks, with plenty of special game modes, new operator skins and blueprints, event challenges, and even some spooky new friends that are paying us a visit this winter.

One of these mysterious visitors is Krampus, and he will be roaming around both islands, searching for all of you who have been naughty in Warzone Pacific.

But, although scary, Krampus is also bringing you some presents, if you manage to defeat him, of course. If you are having trouble finding Krampus on Caldera in Warzone Pacific, read on to learn his locations.

How to find Krampus in Warzone Pacific

How to find Krampus in Warzone Pacific
Warzone Pacific players will even get a chance to earn Krampus operator skins. (Picture: Activision)

Unlike in Vanguard, where Krampus will specifically target those who are not performing well, in Warzone Pacific he will roam more freely and target players and squads without any specific reason, which makes him even scarier.

He will be spawning on both Caldera and Rebirth islands and once he locks on his target, he will enter a three-minute hunting frenzy where he will try to eliminate his target, before disappearing and moving on to search for his next prey.

But, most players will want Krampus to hunt them, as there are special event challenges revolving around him, which include things like dealing 365 points of damage to Krampus.

And while he will pick his targets more or less randomly, he tends to favour those who get coal from special Holiday Crates, instead of Legendary items or limited-time rewards.

So, one of the first things you will want to do in order to provoke him to hunt you is to find and open Holiday Crates and hope that you will get coal from them, indicating that you were "naughty" and marking you as Krampus' priority target.

How to find Krampus in Warzone Pacific
Festive Fir Trees will drop special Holiday Crates. (Picture: Activision)

These can be found under Festive Fir Trees, which are new POIs added on both Caldera and Rebirth Island. They are scattered around these maps and finding them won't be too hard as they are marked on the Tac Map with a special tree icon.

Once there, you and your squad should stay within the Fir Tree’s zone (under or around the tree) and in true Christmas spirit, Supply Boxes will start magically appearing out of nowhere, including special Holiday Crates.

And that's about everything that's in your power to prompt Krampus to hunt you. Keep in mind that even if you have coal, that will not guarantee that he will fixate on you, as other players will obtain coal as well, plus, ultimately it is still a random chance whom he will pick. Having coal only raises those chances for you.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.