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Will Verdansk Return In Warzone Season 5?

Fans have been calling for the return of Verdansk in Warzone Season 5, but as we'll see, that might bring more problems than fond memories.
Will Verdansk Return In Warzone Season 5?
Since the departure of Verdansk and the arrival of Caldera, Call of Duty Warzone players have been calling for the return of Verdansk. And while it may be for nostalgic reasons, fans do have some legitimate reasons to call for its return, especially in the upcoming Season 5 of Warzone.

So let's take a look at the recent fan outcry for the return of the infamous Verdansk map. And whether or not it will or should return to Warzone Season 5 as we progress towards Warzone 2.

Will Verdansk Return In Warzone Season 5?

With Warzone 2.0 arriving later in 2022, players have flooded social media with demands for the return of Verdansk as a final send-off for the map before the release of an entirely new chapter in Warzone. This fan outcry has been coming from various players, celebrities, and even a NASA representative.

Popular American music producer Marshmello has tweeted out his support for the movement to have Verdansk return along with various other Call of Duty content creators. The likes of ‘IceManIsaac‘, ‘Jordy2d‘, XSET’s ‘JaredFPS‘, and OpTic’s Zack ‘ZLaner‘ Lane are among those calling for Raven Software to re-introduce the map to the battle royale.

Will Verdansk Return In Warzone Season 5 The map is in our hearts, but its return will be complicated
Verdansk holds fond memories for most Warzone players, but its return is more complicated than it seems. (Picture: Activision)

But the question of whether it should be brought back is a good one, with many saying that even though Verdansk holds a special place in their hearts, the map is far from perfect in a technical sense. And that's overlooking the fatigue that has set in for many players who have played Verdansk over and over.

This is where Caldera has the upper hand, as its solved many of the technical issues and map design flaws that Verdansk had, on top of being a new and fresh map for players to enjoy. And while some fans suggest that Raven Software should take the good aspects of Caldera and add them to Verdansk to "fix" its issues, it would be a huge task to undertake for the development team, and its value would ultimately be short-lived with Warzone 2 on the horizon.

Will Verdansk Return In Warzone Season 5 Calder fixes its issues
Caldera has fixed most of what was wrong with Verdansk. (Picture: Activision)

So as of right now, as much as we love Verdansk as well, we think it's highly unlikely that the map will return. It would just be too big of a task with minimal returns to remake it so that it's not only better to play but is also compatible with Warzone's weapons, items, killstreaks, and so on.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.