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Are DayZ Servers Down Today? How To Check

Is DayZ down right now? Here's how to check for your platform, be it PlayStation, Xbox or PC.
Are DayZ Servers Down Today? How To Check
Bohemia Interactive

Is DayZ down right now? That's the all-important question you're probably asking and if you're coming to this page, there's a very good chance that the answer is yes. After all, why else would you be googling a question like 'are the DayZ servers down'. The thing is, DayZ is an online-only game, so naturally, when something goes break and the servers go offline, the game will not be available to play. Of course, it could be that DayZ is simply down for planned server maintenance. If you're experiencing issues with DayZ servers, and want to know what you can do to troubleshoot the problem, then read on.

24 July 2023 - DayZ has announced maintenance that might briefly servers. The maintenance starts on 25 July at 05:00 CEST and will last 4 hours. During this period, a loss of network connectivity is possible.
DayZ player looking at map
Are you trying to find your way back online in the world of DayZ?

How To Check DayZ Server Status

The first thing you should do is check whether the DayZ servers are down for scheduled maintenance. As mentioned, the DayZ developers will quite frequently bring the game offline for the release of a new update or hotfix.

Generally speaking the community managers for Bohemia Interactive keep their DayZ fans up to date on all server disruptions on a fairly frequent basis. The best way to check DayZ Server Status is to head to the official DayZ Twitter account and check the most recent tweets over the past few days. If the servers have been brought down for server maintenance, there's a 99% probability that they'll have posted a tweet confirming downtime schedules.

Alternatively, if this is an unscheduled server disruption to the game, then it's unlikely you'll find any official communication from the team. In that case, you might need to head to use DownDetector to check if the wider DayZ community is also complaining of server issues.

For those who don't know, DownDetector is an independent website that tracks server outages across the globe by monitoring social mentions around specific topics. Assuming there's a surge of reports, the DayZ server page on Downdetector will likely show a graph and a spike of complaints that track with your own issues. 

Finally, it's worth checking the official DayZ website or DayZ Forums, where there's a section dedicated to General Server Notice. This section is kept updated with the latest announcements so players are aware of small server maintenance, experimental updates, known server issues or anything related to servers being down.

If you've exhausted all avenues to check if DayZ servers are down and can't see any evidence that the game is offline, then it could be something to do with your own internet connection. You might even need to restart your PC or console - since everyone knows turning it off and on again is the fix for everything.

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