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Check Out Dota 2's Newest Hero, Abyssal Underlord

Check Out Dota 2's Newest Hero, Abyssal Underlord
Valve recently revealed the next incoming Dota 2 Hero, and fans of the original Dota will be pleased. The Abyssal Underlord, once known as Pit Lord, is finally making it into the game after multiple hints throughout the years. This Sunday between 8-11PM BST, Ginx eSports TV will be airing its weekly roundup of all things competitive gaming with eSports Live, and the Abyssal Underlord will feature - along with news from Gamescom, the latest from League Of Legends' LCS and even how eSports is dominating the Olympics. Dota 2's latest Hero is a strength melee support and comes with a good range of utility, from his ability to lay traps that root anyone foolish enough to trigger it or his powerful ability to teleport himself - and his team - to any allied player or structure. He's going to enable a large number of plays with that ability alone, one that synergises with his other abilities well. You'll be able to play with the Abyssal Underlord from 23 August 2016, but first here's a look at what he's capable of...

Dota 2's latest hero, Abyssal Underlord

  • Firestorm
    • Activating this ability calls down fiery death in the form of a meteor-storm. This area effect ability lasts over 6 waves, dealing damage per second while also leaving burning over-time damage to anyone that remains in the area.
    • The damage-over-time burn effect will refresh so long as an enemy player stays within the area of effect, but will disappear after its two second burn duration if that player leaves the area.
    • Should be combined with Abyssal Underlord's second ability - Pit Of Malice - to maximise damage dealt.
  • Pit Of Malice
    • This ability summons a trap that roots - not stuns - and deals damage to any player that walks within its radius.
    • Each player can only be affected by the Pit Of Malice only once, and disables the use of abilities such as Blink, Teleportation and Phase Shift.
    • Any channelled abilities being used when the trap activates will be cancelled, but a channelled ability can be initiated once the root is in place.
    • The Pit Of Malice will reveal any invisible units for its duration.
  • Atrophy Aura (Passive)
    • Any enemy units in the radius of this passive ability is weakened, dealing less attack damage as a result.
    • Additionally, any enemy that dies while under the weakening effect of this aura adds a buff to the Abyssal Underlord, bolstering his own attack damage for the length of the buff.
  • Dark Rift
    • Abyssal Underlord's ultimate is Dark Rift, which allows the player to summon a portal at the location of any allied unit or structure, teleporting himself and any nearby allied players at the destination.
    • The ability can teleport invulnerable units, but not hidden units. Additionally it will teleport clones, but not illusions.

Remember, you can tune into Ginx eSports TV this Sunday at 8PM for eSports Live and coverage of all the latest news from the competitive gaming scene.