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Dota 2
Dota 2

Dota 2: Five questions with Kevin "Purge" Godec

Kevin "Purge" Godec is one of the most instantly recognisable faces in Dota 2. Purge has always been a content creator, starting out making YouTube videos about the original DotA back in 2009. Since then, he's  branched out into interviewing, casting and even playing for Team Zephyr in the South Korean scene. Nowadays you'll find him either casting or sitting on the analyst desk for tournaments like The International and The Kiev Major. We got the chance to catch up with Purge when he was doing some coaching at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. GINX TV: When is the next “Purge casts a pub? And can you make it a 1k sub game? Purge: Purge casts a pub are fun to do, I’ve just been kind of life multitasking and sometimes I forget about some of the series I made so I can probably try to do one, but it’s kind of hard to find sub 1k games on average because somebody usually has to say “Hey, by the way I’s sub 1K, do you want to cast one of my games so you guys want to tweet me your games maybe I can cast one. If you had the chance to nerf or buff two heroes, which changes would you make? I don’t know yet, it’s still too early. I’ll probably nerf a hero that I’m sick of watching in the pro scene so maybe like Death Prophet or something or… I guess Death Prophet off the top of my head. Buff heroes… heroes that don’t get played very much that I like. A lot of my heroes that I like got buffed so I’m pretty happy. I’m happy right now. Did you prefer being a pro player or a caster/analyst? Being a pro player is always more fun and has more glory becaus you know you’re winning money and you get the hype killings and the happy team vibes and stuff but it’s also much harder because when you lose it sucks, and getting defeated in a game makes you look bad more or less for a large majority. Maybe not the majority but some of the community, and it takes a lot more hours to practice so being a caster is easier and more reliable and safer, but the glory is not the same. That’s why we don’t have very many pro players-turned-casters. When was the first creepblock in the competitive scene? The first creepblock… Surely that’s been done forever. The first creepblock… of any kind? Come on, people have been blocking for like a decade already. I don’t know… is there an answer? Yup, OK.Nirvana.CN in 2011’s The International (watch the video for the clip!) Do you prefer the two-week patch cycle, or was the biannual method fine? I think patches every two weeks is generally better just because they can respond to stuff more quickly, and a lot of the features and changes that have been made are player-friendly ones to help new players get into the game. I love the exclamation point on heroes when they have a patch change, save everybody the headache of having to be up to date and a lot of UI benefits there and so far I don’t think they’ve kind of done a lot of patching last couple weeks is what it feels like, that has been semi-major but has been not so different that it’s still digestible. Especially the last patch, [which] changed so much what was only like 15 lines so it gives you a lot that you can learn and explore without having to be overwhelmed. I think they’re doing a good job with them so far. I’m pretty happy and it makes the community happy because they see differences every two weeks so people don’t even write as much, which is cool.