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Dota 2
Dota 2

PRIES' Dota 2 Disbands Due To Internal Conflict

Russian eSports team PRIES Gaming has decided to disband its Dota 2 team via an announcement from the squad's manager Alexander Sirbu via a Facebook post. "All good comes to an end at some time," begins the post, before going on to reveal the closure of the team. The team formed in October 2015 but had been playing tournaments for three months. Sirbu adds his comments, explaining that "some weeks ago began some problems within the team and players began to estrange." He concludes that the players have "decided to stop playing with each other for some time or to play for other teams", though no details were provided on where the final members of this current PRIES Gaming might end up. "Stay with us and stay tuned!" suggests the post, which likely means that PRIES Gaming will not be out of the Dota 2 scene for too long. PRIES Gaming hadn't chalked up much in terms of victories in its brief history, but it had at least began to make an impact in many minor tournaments. Though the team had intended to make it to the Manila Major - taking place this week - the had failed to achieve the necessary results. All the same, the team had managed to secure first place in two Go4Dota 2 tournaments, and earned 3rd place at the Elements Cup #1. In the team's short existence it had already managed to burn through a large number of players, with the roster changing very regularly since its official formation in October 2015. The most recent change was in February 2016, where four of the five squad members left the team leaving only captain Mastermind as the sole remaining player after the four players were replaced. The final PRIES Gaming squad consisted of  Ivailo "Mastermind" Petkov, Ivan "Bashruk" Valev, Max "Mikey" Barkö, Kenney KyH Hoang and Jimmy "supercell" Hoang. It's not clear is coach Alexander Sirbu will remain with PRIES Gaming or move on to another team.