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Halo Championship Series 2018 announced

Only a month after the finalisation of the Halo World Championship, in which young starlets Splyce breezed through the competition and beat out powerhouse team TOX in the Grand Final, the 2018 roadmap for the Halo Championship Series has been announced. HCS 2018 Roadmap

Goals set out for the 2018 season

HCS set out two main goals for their 2018 season, set to start in June:

  • Maintain high quality bar for broadcasts and events
  • Focus on overall series participation – both through attendance at live events, as well as online viewership

Partnerships with MLG and Gfinity have seen some great live production quality this year, with both companies renowned for running well-organised, well-produced events. These partnerships are both set to continue in the 2018 season. Viewership has been a struggle for Halo esports in recent years – the Sunday of the World Championship saw an average of 27,000 viewers, impressive in comparison to the 8000 viewers the day before.

2018 sees more overseas open events

In recent years, all international majors have taken place in the USA. As evidenced by the HCS 2018 Roadmap, HCS London 2018 will be the first international open event outside of the States, featuring a $135,000 prize pool and open to participants worldwide. The event takes place on 14-16th September. HCS London 2018 HCS will also be visiting New Orleans for the first time ever from 13-15th July, with a $250,000 prize pool and once again open to all competitors worldwide. The finals for the Halo Championship Series are set to take place in North America in November, though no exact date or location have been announced yet.

Competitive settings updated

HCS have also sought to update their tournament settings,  narrowing down on the aspects of the game that have caused issues for both players and fans, and are addressing these issues as such. The new settings include map balancing, new maps and the addition of a new gametype in Oddball, aiming to "reset the playing field a bit". With just a month until HCS 2018 gets underway, we won't have to wait long to see whether their goals are achieved by the end of the year. Be sure to follow all of the events right here on Ginx TV.