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Escape From Tarkov: Streets of Tarkov Expansion Guide

Wondering how to play the Streets of Tarkov Expansion in Escape from Tarkov? Look no further.
Escape From Tarkov: Streets of Tarkov Expansion Guide
Battlestate Games

Escape from Tarkov players have eagerly awaited a significant update for what seems like forever. Thankfully, after a nearly eight-month-long wipe, players have received tons of content, ranging from new weapons, bosses, planned wipes, and, most importantly, the Streets of Tarkov expansion.

Fortunately, we were given the news for these upcoming events two weeks ago, allowing Battlestate Games to have a rest from the nagging of new content. Therefore, we can finally showcase guides on overcoming the new environment in the Streets of Tarkov expansion. 

If you haven't already, learn the Streets of Tarkov map. Most players have avoided playing the excellent new experience since its original release due to FPS and optimization-related issues. However, Battlestate Games have worked tirelessly to improve the functionality of the map, and it's safe to say the map is playable.

The expansion includes entire new areas with the ability to complete and experience new scenarios, such as minefields, interesting architecture, and the interesting urban Streets of Tarkov setting. Streets of Tarkov is the most well-designed and intense map on Escape from Tarkov, making it well-deserved to be played. 


Streets of Tarkov: Expansion Location and Extracts 

Before getting into loot locations and any further details, it's important to note where the expansion is actually located (behind the red line). The Streets of Tarkov expansion spans the north and west sides of the map, segmented by Primorsky Avenue into three distinct areas: left, right, and center.

To access this expansion, head north until you encounter Klimov Street for the northern section or navigate past the fallen crane to find the western section adjacent to the residential area. But be weary: the road separating the main map and the expansion contains normal risks seen within other maps, including being sniped by PMC players and AI spawns.

This means you'll likely have more difficulty getting to the expansion than surviving it! Scavs have been spawning along the entirety of Klimov Street, but they are regular AI scavs, nothing special. Overall, scavs have had major updates to their functionality. Despite only having two dedicated spawn locations on the Streets of Tarkov expansion, scavs can now wander and cooperate with each other.

This will draw them into newer locations and away from where they spawned, possibly inconveniencing you and your team. Battlestate Games have specifically mentioned, "Now a group of scavs that will operate as a team will spawn at a certain chance. They are going to be better organized in combat and are essentially small gangs," confirming battling scavs is going to be slightly more of a challenge. 

Streets of Tarkov Expansion Extracts 

Of course, there are new extracts for both scavs and PMCs within the Streets of Tarkov Expansion. Here is their location with instructions on how to operate them: 

  • PMC - Extract at the Expo - most northwestern point of the map, the extract is at the far end of the expo building, and the extract is outside. 
  • PMC - Cardinal Apartment Complex - at the end of the street, near a Jeep. Enter the apartment complex, and follow the internal road near the red structure to find Jeep. 
  • PMC - Elevator in the Stylobate - in the elevator behind the bar on the top floor of the Stylobate restaurant (reachable via Kilmov Street).
  • SCAV - Near Kamchatskaya Arch - go through the red house. The extract is by the gate in the open courtyard.
  • SCAV - Cardinal Apartment Complex Parking - by the garage doors below the ramp. 
  • SCAV - Klimov Street Trading Center Exfil - at the bottom of the southeastern staircase.

Thankfully, these extracts aren't anything too difficult. Players will likely find quite a lot of ease extracting through these locations and won't need a friend scav/PMC! 


Streets of Tarkov: Expansion New Features 

Following a massive expansion, there are a lot of new "need to know" features that are incredibly important to know going into a raid. Players already acquainted with Streets of Tarkov will also face vast differences in the maps updates.

Here are a few updates that are important to know:

  • Minefield in the grass areas of the Lexos car dealership 
  • Killa discontinues spawning on Streets of Tarkov 
  • Kaban faces a 5% spawn chance at the Lexos car dealership
  • Streets of Tarkov now contains 10-20 player lobbies (expected to increase)
  • Snipers will kill you if you go "out of bounds" and wander down end sides of Klimov Street
  • Claymore spawns outside Teppakot car park - grassy areas 
  • Scav spawn within the school on the western expansion side
  • Klimov Street extraction requires a flare to prevent death
  • Improved culling system - increased accuracy and performance of the system

The minefields and claymore locations are slightly more annoying when facing the new Streets of Tarkov map because they were never there before. The key is to stay outside the grassy locations near buildings. Claymores will not be placed on concrete and only be hidden around vegetation; use that information as you please. 

Streets of Tarkov: Expansion Best Looting Locations 

After spending a moment wandering around the Escape from Tarkov Streets of Tarkov expansion, I found a few locations offering good loot spawns, finding me rare loot and allowing financial gain to be possible. This will ultimately encourage the player-scav population to visit the new expansion, hopefully gaining the map a larger and more consistent player base. 

The following locations contain the best loot: 

  • Cardinal Apartment Complex - the location is filled with valuables and plenty of loot locations, representing a similar feel to the hospital on Shoreline. The center park with the structure contains interesting medical supplies such as morphine, propital, CMSs, etc.
  • School location, western expansion - the school contained supplies such as golden chains, food, and other rare loot spawns. Also found a shotgun in the gymnasium. This location is great when you're running low on food and need to eat/drink! 
  • Klimov Trading Center - found items such as Secure Flash Drives and computer parts around the location, great for farming as a scav. 
  • Stylobate Restaurant - coat spawns are jotted around the location spawning GP coins, keys, and other rare items. Also, medical cases and scav spawns, giving weapons and other essentials. 

Overall the looting locations for Streets of Tarkov are great, except they come at the cost of being incredibly dangerous to reach and rather daunting. Therefore, operate with care, especially if you lack medical supplies or don't have much food or water, as it's definitely going to be a challenge. 

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