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Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm: How To Build, Is It Worth It?

Come and check out how to build the Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm in your hideout!
Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm: How To Build, Is It Worth It?
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Escape from Tarkov provides players with many different aspects to think about, such as their Stash, Flea Market, Scav Karma, XP, Money, and lastly their Hideout. However, most players fail to realize the true potential behind the hideout, with players missing out on easy quest completions, new methods to make money, and lastly security within the game. The Hideout has many different "modules" (areas for upgrades) within it, varying from an intelligence center, gym, library, and shooting range, allowing the player to reap benefits from these areas of the hideout.   

The Bitcoin Farm is another module that can be created within the Hideout, the farm does exactly as described; farm Bitcoins. As most players know, Bitcoins can be found as lootable items within Escape from Tarkov, allowing players to sell them to Therapist for a large number of roubles, giving the player money to fund future raids or endeavors. However, once building the Bitcoin Farm within the hideout, players are able to mine bitcoins themselves without having to find them, essentially acting as a passive income for the player. 


Escape from Tarkov: Bitcoin Farm

Building the Bitcoin Farm within Escape from Tarkov is easy, however, making the farm more powerful and efficient is the expensive and difficult part, here's how to build the base Bitcoin Farm within the hideout.

Level One Bitcoin Farm - 36 hours construction time:

  • 5 T-Shaped plug
  • 1 VPX Flash Storage Module
  • 10 Power cord
  • 10 Power supply unit
  • 15 CPU fan
  • Level 2 Intelligence Center

Once you create the level one Bitcoin Farm, you need to place graphics cards into the farm to begin mining Bitcoin. These graphics cards are going to have to be found in-raid or bought from the flea market, unfortunately costing over 500,000 roubles per card! The level one Bitcoin farm allows players to place ten graphics cards into the farm, once reaching farm level two you can place 25 graphics cards, and the level three farm can place 50 graphics cards. 

Is The Bitcoin Farm Worth It

As you probably guessed, the more graphics cards you obtain the faster Bitcoins will be produced and the more money you'll make. However, players are going to be expected to pay millions upon millions of roubles to make the farm worthwhile. 

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