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Shadowlands Covenant betrayer status reset hotfix - How to rejoin a Covenant

Blizzard is planning to release a Shadowlands hotfix soon which will reset the Covenant betrayer status for players. Here's how you can switch Covenants without penalty.
Shadowlands Covenant betrayer status reset hotfix - How to rejoin a Covenant

With the Shadowlands: Chains of Domination update (patch 9.1) for World of Warcraft out in all regions, there's a whole lot of content to dive into, from a brand-new area to explore, to a new raid, a mega-dungeon, and much more. There are also some things citizens of Azeroth might not be all too happy about, with a prime example being the Shards of Domination system. Another issue for some World of Warcraft players is that with all the changes in Shadowlands, including new flying mounts exclusive to a specific Covenant, they might want to rejoin their previous Covenant. Well, we've got some good news for you. Blizzard will be releasing a Shadowlands Covenant hotfix, resetting the betrayer status.

Shadowlands Covenant betrayer status hotfix incoming

In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, community manager Kaivax revealed that a betrayer status hotfix for Shadowlands players is coming soon. It is, firstly, important to note that this is a once-off reset, and leaving a Covenant after this hotfix is applied will still give you the betrayer status.

WoW Shadowlands covenant betrayer reset hotfix how to rejoin world of warcraft
The four Covenants in Shadowlands (Picture: Blizzard)

Kaivax explains the reason for the upcoming Shadowlands Covenant betrayer status hotfix: "Considering all of the recent balance changes and new rewards like Covenant mounts, we’re creating a hotfix that will reset the betrayer status for all players who previously left any Covenants. This will be one-time renovation to your relationship with your old Covenant intended to make it easier for you to return and pick back up where you left off with them."

While no exact release date for this hotfix has been revealed, Kaivax did mention it would be applied in the "next couple of days", so World of Warcraft players can expect it between 2nd and 3rd July 2021.

How to rejoin a Covenant in Shadowlands

While we already have a full guide on how Covenants work in Shadowlands for our readers to digest, at this point it is important to go over the basics of rejoining a Covenant.

Let's say, for example, you've previously joined the Necrolords covenant, then switched to Kyrian. Now, you want to head back to the Necrolords. You will have a betrayer status, right? 

Well, after the hotfix, your betrayer status will be removed. However, if you leave a Covenant after the hotfix and want to rejoin it again, you will need to grind for it.

Wow shadowlands betrayer status reset covenant hotfix how to rejoin
The Necrolords (Picture: Blizzard)

First up, speak to the leader of the Covenant located in Oribos. Accept the quest "Prove Your Worth" which includes:

  • Killing 17 Rares 
  • Killing 13 Rare Elites
  • Finding 13 Treasures
  • Completing 13 World Quests
  • Completing 17 Daily Quests
  • Completing 9 Dungeon Quests

You need to complete all these quests in the zone controlled by the Covenant in question. Be sure to turn in the Prove Your Worth quest before the next reset.

Lastly, once the Weekly Reset is done, the Covenant leader will have another quest called "Rebuild Our Trust". This quest is exactly the same as "Prove Your Worth", so you will need to do it all over again to finally rejoin the Covenant of your choosing.

These steps are only necessary after you've already used up the one betrayer status reset thanks to the incoming hotfix.

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