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World of Warcraft Twitch streamer rages over "stop damage"

A Twitch streamer called Pilavpowa has had enough of people calling for group members to stop damage, raging in a World of Warcraft stream about the game.
World of Warcraft Twitch streamer rages over "stop damage"
Many World of Warcraft players have been enjoying the content released in the Shadowlands: Chains of Domination update (patch 9.1) since its release on 30th June 2021. Despite the Chains of Domination content being relatively well-received, there's a lot for Blizzard to deal with right now, including a lawsuit. Many content creators have also been outspoken against Blizzard's recent moves, while others still play and stream World of Warcraft each day. Now, another content creator, going by the name Pilavpowa on Twitch, has had a bit of rage on stream but not because of the lawsuit or something Blizzard has recently changed. 

Pilavpowa rages on WoW Twitch stream due to "stop damage"

In World of Warcraft raids, dungeons and Torghast Tower, certain boss encounters have mechanics that will require players to stop dealing damage for a while, for example, as to not push a boss into its next phase before all enemy spawns are cleared.

Raid leaders, for example, will also instruct players to stop dealing damage for a while so everyone can heal up before an encounter progresses into the next phase.

Pilavpowa wow twitch streamer world of warcraft rage outburst
WoW Twitch streamer spits on screen. (Picture: Pilavpowa)

It appears Pilavpowa has had enough of this, as the clip shared on LivestreamFail, which has garnered over 2,000 upvotes so far, starts with him spitting on his screen and saying "f$%king spit on this horrible game man" then proceeding to reenact some saying "stop damage" on "every boss".

Pilavpowa then proceeds to scream: "dude, I won't want to stop damage. I don't want to stop damage! F$%k you, I don't play the game to stop damage, I play the game to do damage."

The rage continues for a while, and Pilavpowa exclaims how he needs to "stop damage" on every boss, calling it horrible game design. 

You can view the clip below. Please note that it is loud, and foul language is present.

In a happy coincidence that might make some citizens of Azeroth smile, Pilavpowa was playing with an Orc warrior, known for their "rage" as well. 

The Twitch streamer then proceeded to close World of Warcraft and start playing Final Fantasy instead, while exclaiming that he hates World of Warcraft from the bottom of his heart and that it is the "worst game in existence".

Pilavpowa World of Warcraft wow rage twitch stream stop damage
Pilavpowa closes WoW and proceeds to play Final Fantasy Online instead. (Picture: Pilavpowa)

Raging about World of Warcraft is nothing new, really. It can be frustrating for DPS in a raid to stop dealing damage and fans of the MMORPG know just how fun it is to climb those damage meters. 

Nevertheless, Twitch streamer Pilavpowa's outburst is hilarious, and some might say there's even some truth to what he is saying about certain boss mechanics.

To be clear, Pilavpowa isn't a newbie WoW player. In fact, as we can see from his "Famed Bane of the Banshee Queen" title, his guild was one of the first one hundred in from the Horde faction worldwide to defeat Sylvanas Windrunner on Mythic difficulty.

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