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WoW: Shadowlands could be the best expansion yet for new players

Shadowlands is the best time for new players to take the plunge into the 15-year-old game according to Ion Hazzikostas.
WoW: Shadowlands could be the best expansion yet for new players

With the original World of Warcraft releasing all the way back in November 2004, the game has, over time, become intimidating for new and returning players. However, Blizzard Entertainment is making sure Shadowlands might just be the best starting point for new players since the game's launch nearly 16 years ago.


Shadowlands and new players

We already know World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will have a level squish, which means the maximum level will once again be 60, as it was back in the good old days.

With over 15 years of content in the mammoth MMORPG, it might still be very intimidating for new players. This is why Blizzard is working to make Shadowlands the most easily-accessible expansion to date.

Speaking to IGN, the game's director, Ion Hazzikostas, spoke about how Blizzard has sped up the game with time. This, unfortunately, meant it was "particularly overwhelming" for the new players coming in, and the pacing of the game wasn't where the developer wanted it. 

Ion Hazzikosta explains: "Shadowlands is probably the best time to jump into World of Warcraft as a brand new player since all the way back in 2004.

"It’s something that has been a focus for us as we approached this expansion. It’s what our goals were."


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Shadowlands will be welcoming to new players, even if Sylvannas isn't (Picture: Blizzard)


How is Blizzard making World of Warcraft: Shadowlands so accessible to new players? Not only is there a level squash, but also a new starting area called Exile's Reach.

This area will give players all the tools required, and teach them everything they need to know to start their journey. Then, players move on to Battle for Azeroth, to teach players about the Horde versus Alliance saga, and bring them closer to the world.

Ion Hazzikosta explains: "This will be a couple of dozen hours for new players. Then you’ll be ready to go right into Shadowlands along with everyone else, armed with all the knowledge gameplay-wise, and lore-wise, to succeed in that environment.”

If you haven't played World of Warcraft since one of the first expansions, or you've never played it at all, then Shadowlands might just be the perfect place to start when the expansion releases late this year.