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Best C58 loadout for Warzone Season 5

Here's the ultimate zero recoil loadout for the C58 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 that will have you wiping the floor in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.
Best C58 loadout for Warzone Season 5

The long-awaited Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 patch is here and brings major changes to the game. Beyond the shiny new battle pass, there is also a slew of new additions, including new POIs, a new Gulag, several new modes, and two new powerful, high-calibre weapons.

Interestingly, the present patch of Warzone does not include any weapons balance changes but that doesn't mean you should settle with the same loadout or class setup as before. The introduction of new weapons is sure to change the pace of the ever-evolving meta in the game. With that said, here is the best C58 gunsmith class setup in Warzone Season 5.

The best C58 loadout in Warzone Season 5

The C58 Assault Rifle was introduced in Warzone Season 4 and demonstrated potent damage, marking it a standout rifle for the majority of the season.

best zero recoil loadout warzone season 5 gunsmith class setup
Best C58 loadout in Warzone Season 5 with zero recoil. (Picture: Activision)

While the gun does have a relatively slow firing rate compared to other options, it offers fantastic handling and TTK in either close quarter or mid-range combat, especially when paired with the right loadout.

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 18.5” Task Force
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Ammunition: STANAG 55 Rnd
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip

The Agency Suppressor is an integral pickup on the C58 (and most ARs for that matter) for concealment from enemies on the minimap.

Coupled with the 18.5" Task Force Barrel, these attachments will also improve vertical recoil, bullet velocity and effective damage range. 

season 5 warzone c58 no recoil loadout class setup
C58 loadout in Warzone Season 5 with zero recoil. (Picture: Activision)

The Field Agent Grip Underbarrel will further bolster the C58's already decent handling to ensure stable enemy tracking from a distance. We've doubled down with the STANAG 55 Rnd Ammunition to provide additional ammo during gunfights

Choice of Optic is mostly down to preference but we've decided on the Axial Arms 3x Optic for those mid-range engagements. Otherwise, you can opt for the Royal and Cross 4x.

best warzone season 5 c58 gunsmith class setup loadout
Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 C58 loadout. (Picture: Activision)

And there you have it, the best C58 loadout in Warzone Season 5 with pretty much no recoil. This loadout will greatly improve your chances of dominating in the new meta across Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Want to know more about Warzone Season 5? Then check out our dedicated Call of Duty section, featuring guides, best loadouts, weapon tier lists and much more.

Header image via Activision.


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