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COD Modern Warfare and Warzone mid-season update first details

Infinity Ward has revealed a Modern Warfare and Warzone mid-season update will include weapon balancing, possibly with a Grau nerf.

Since the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 update hit, the titles have been in desperate need of some weapon tuning. Infinity Ward has now revealed the first details of the Modern Warfare and Warzone mid-season update.


Modern Warfare / Warzone mid-season update details

The massive Season 4 update for Modern Warfare and Warzone released more than a week later than expected. Therefore, a mid-season update to Warzone and Modern Warfare will likely hit in the first week of July.

The first details of the Modern Warfare and Warzone mid-season update have now been revealed by co-design director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot. While specifics aren't known at the time of writing, Joe Cecot did reveal weapon tuning will be part of the update.



This comes after a fan on Twitter asked Joe Cecot about the infamous Grau assault rifle, which is in desperate need of a few smacks from the nerf bat both in Warzone and Modern Warfare.


Modern Warfare Warzone mid season update grau nerf
The infamous Grau assault rifle (Picture: Infinity Ward)


For all five players who don't know, the Grau is by far the most popular weapon in Warzone right now. It is easy to control, powerful at both long and short-range, and it simply dominates the battlefield. 

We will have to wait and see when the Modern Warfare and Warzone mid-season update drops, and how much Infinity Ward decides to nerf the Grau.

While you wait for the mid-season update, check out the latest episode of our Lockdown video series. 


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