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Call of Duty
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COD Vanguard free multiplayer trial: Dates and times, how to join and content

What you need to know about the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard free multiplayer trial, from the exact dates and times, to how you can join in on the action, and the content available.
Despite some poor sales in the UK, Call of Duty: Vanguard is still worth checking out. Some gamers, however, might not want to open their wallets to play some COD Vanguard multiplayer to enjoy all the guns and game modes available, as well as the content from the Season 1 update.

That's where the COD Vanguard free multiplayer trial comes in, allowing gamers across the globe on PC, PlayStation and Xbox to experience the game's multiplayer without throwing any cash at Activision. Here's what you need to know.

COD Vanguard free MP trial: Dates & times

More than a month after the initial release of COD Vanguard, Activision has announced the free multiplayer trial for anyone with a capable PC, a PS4, PS5, Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X.

COD Vanguard free multiplayer MP trial how to join download dates times
Mark that calendar to play COD Vanguard without opening your wallet. (Picture: Activision)

The free multiplayer trial for COD Vanguard will begin on 16th December at 18:00 GMT. The exact end date and time has also been revealed as 21st December at 18:00 GMT.

Free multiplayer COD Vanguard trail content

While gamers won't be able to experience the story campaign or Zombies, the COD Vanguard free multiplayer trial still features a tonne of content.

COD Vanguard free multiplayer MP trial how to join download dates times
You can even play the festive Shipment map variant via the free trial. (Picture: Activision)

You will be able to play any multiplayer maps, game modes and playlists during the free trial period. This includes the Festive Fervor event content!

For those who get hooked and decide to purchase the game, all progress will carry over. 

How to join the COD Vanguard MP trial

It's very easy to join the COD Vanguard multiplayer trail. All you will be required to do is download the game as the trial period begins.

COD Vanguard free multiplayer MP trial how to join download dates times
All progress will carry over if/when you decide to purchase COD Vanguard. (Picture: Activision)

For console gamers, simply search for the phrase "Vanguard Free Access" via the PlayStation or Xbox store.

PC gamers can head on over to the Battle.net client and search for Vanguard, where a "PLAY FREE" button will be featured once the download becomes available.

Enjoy the free multiplayer trial of COD Vanguard, and mark those calendars with the exact dates and times so you can make the most out of the experience.


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All featured images courtesy of Activision.