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Call of Duty
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COD Vanguard PlayStation exclusive content: XP boosts, BP tier skips and more

Here's the full list of PlayStation exclusive rewards for COD Vanguard, from Combat Packs each season to XP boosts, additional loadout slots and more.
Both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War had PlayStation timed-exclusive game modes. While the Activision / Sony partnership continues with Call of Duty: Vanguard, gamers on platforms that aren't PS4 or PS5 should be happy to know there are no exclusive PlayStation exclusive game modes at launch. There are, however, some tasty COD Vanguard PlayStation exclusive rewards for those who prefer Sony's consoles. 

PlayStation exclusive COD Vanguard content

While COD Vanguard is already filled to the brim with content, including dozens of weapons, 20 maps, zombies and a whole lot more for players on all platforms, there are some PlayStation exclusive rewards.

These rewards are only obtainable for those who purchase COD Vanguard on either PS4 or PS5.

COD Vanguard playstation exclusive rewards PS4 PS5 PlayStation Plus combat packs XP boosts battle pass tier skips
The rewards will be exclusive until 1st November 2022. (Picture: Activision)

PlayStation exclusive rewards for COD Vanguard include the following:

  • Five (5) additional tier skips when you purchase the Battle Pass bundle, making it 25 in total.
  • Monthly Double XP events lasting 24 hours each month.
  • Two (2) custom loadout slots on your profile.
  • A 25% weapon XP boost when you party up with friends.
  • Free Combat Packs each Season for PlayStation Plus subscribers. 

The dates for when these monthly Double XP events will take place have not been revealed at the time of writing. 

COD Vanguard players on PlayStation consoles can expect some nice cosmetics freebies via the monthly Combat Packs.

COD Vanguard playstation exclusive rewards PS4 PS5 PlayStation Plus combat packs XP boosts battle pass tier skips
An example of Combat Pack contents from Warzone Season 4. (Picture: Activision)

These Combat Packs could possibly include XP boosts, and even weapon blueprints if Combat Packs from previous COD titles are anything to go by. Players will need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to claim a Combat Pack, and of course, participate in multiplayer, so the exclusive rewards all require PS+ if you think about it.

We will update our readers once the contents of the first COD Vanguard PlayStation exclusive Combat Pack gets revealed. These rewards should also be available to use Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Despite the exclusive COD Vanguard rewards for PlayStation gamers being quite appealing, there is no sign of an exclusive game mode or anything that should give players an advantage via crossplay gameplay.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.