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Call of Duty
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COD Vanguard sandstorm glitch makes it impossible to see enemies

Call of Duty: Vanguard players are complaining about a bug in the sandstorm dynamic weather effect on Desert Siege, which makes it impossible to spot enemies in COD Vanguard.
Despite the successful launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, there have been several issues players noted were present in the game. For example, earlier this week, players discovered a Dead Drop glitch that allowed players to use killstreaks unlimited times. And now, players have noticed a visual bug in the sandstorm dynamic weather effects in the Desert Siege map, which makes it impossible for players to spot their enemies.

COD Vanguard sandstorm visual bug

On 24th November, Reddit user "A-Red-Panda" posted a video to the COD Vanguard subreddit, illustrating the graphical glitch.

As you can tell, players affected by this glitch have trouble spotting enemies. They are effectively blinded by the excessive sandstorm and lighting effects on the map, barely being able to make out the silhouettes of the buildings.

Interestingly, users on Reddit expressed mixed opinions about the bug. Some users thought that the glitch would make the map more playable, while others argued it would be impossible for players to hit their longshots.

COD Vanguard sandstorm glitch makes it impossible to spot enemies
COD Vanguard sandstorm glitch makes it impossible to spot enemies. (Picture: Activision)

However, users who supported the glitch perhaps failed to realise the impracticality of the bug, given that it is isolated to individual players and not everybody in the lobby. 

Reddit user DoomTip explained, "I thought it was cool until I realised nobody on the other team had the same glitch. Dude was cross-mapping me when I couldn't even see 2 meters in front of me."

Admittedly, the bug does accentuate the weather effects and indeed boasts a greater degree of realism. However, I concur that it's perhaps not best for regular gameplay; and especially not when it only affects certain players.

COD Vanguard players say that the sandstorm glitch could be cool in Zombies
COD Vanguard players say that the sandstorm glitch could be cool in Zombies. (Picture: Activision)

Another Reddit user reciprocated my sentiment, saying, "I know it's bad for gameplay but holy fuck that is cool." Finally, another user suggested that it "would be a great mode for Zombies", and I agree.

At this time, the developers have not issued an official statement regarding this glitch; however, we can presumably expect them to fix this in a future patch. Unfortunately, there is also no known fix for this bug.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.