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COD Vanguard streamer exposed for hacking by CDL pros

COD Vanguard streamer ShivGTK went viral on Twitter after being exposed by CDL pros for cheating at an S&D tournament, hitting back with a list of other supposed cheaters since Cold War after being caught.
COD Vanguard streamer exposed for hacking by CDL pros

A Call of Duty: Vanguard streamer trended on Twitter after being exposed by Call of Duty League (CDL) pros for using hacks in a recent COD Vanguard S&D tournament. The streamer subsequently hit back by leaking a list of supposed cheaters, including the names of a few famous individuals within the Call of Duty community who have allegedly been cheating since the launch of Black Ops Cold War.

Just days following the release of COD Vanguard, players have already fallen prey to hackers running rampant in the game. With the new Call of Duty Richochet anti-cheat only releasing in early December, many hackers have tried their luck in competitive COD Vanguard events. 

cod vanguard streamer slammed for using hacks in s&d tournament by cdl pros optic
Call of Duty's Ricochet anti-cheat couldn't come sooner. (Picture: Activision)

CDL pros slam cheater in COD Vanguard S&D tournament

On 7th November, CDL pros were surprised when a team of relatively unknown players could defeat OpTic 3-2 during a $7000 S&D tournament. Upon further inspection of his Twitch stream, it was later revealed that one of the players on the team, Shiv (or ShivGTK), was using hacks.

Although Shiv's POV looked normal on stream, viewers noticed the cheat software on his screen through his monitor cam. In particular, you can see the player's nameplate through the wall.

Shiv and his team were subsequently disqualified from the tournament but not long before Call of Duty community members cracked their whip over Twitter.

Atlanta FaZe S&D coach, 2Pac, said that he suspected Shiv of cheating "since the beginning of Cold War" and cost him thousands of dollars.

FaZe Clan co-owner and popular Warzone Twitch streamer, Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff, branded the COD S&D community the "worst group" he's ever been a part of, citing that it's "home to some of the dirtiest little creatures on the internet."

ShivGTK leaks list of alleged COD Vanguard cheaters

Shiv has since exposed a list of at least a dozen other alleged cheaters presumed to be using hacks since Call of Duty Cold War. Among the "confirmed hackers" list were players Landon, Whiz, Twerk, iBu, Luvey, and others.

Indeed, these allegations lack any substance, so you should take this list with more than just a pinch of salt. However, it's also clear that there is simply no honour among cheaters in Call of Duty.

Naturally, the Twitter community were quick to troll Shiv for snitching on other players using Sixn9ne memes and references. "Lookin' like a dollar store tekashi69," one Twitter user.

Twitter users troll Shiv cod vanguard streamer 6ix9ine memes after snitching on other cheaters s&d tournament
Twitter users troll Shiv with 6ix9ine memes after snitching on other cheaters. (Picture: Twitter / CanteenPapi)

"He's the 6ix9ine of Call of Duty," said another user. "Dude gets caught and takes all the homies down with him," another user commented with a meme of Kanye West shaking his head.

At the time of writing, Shiv's Twitter account has been deactivated. While no official statement has been released by the CDL, we would like to think that Shiv's actions speak louder than their words. 

The Ricochet anti-cheat will only be in full effect until Warzone Pacific Season 1 is released on 2nd December. The kernel-level driver will then be released at a later, undisclosed date.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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