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How to complete the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War event in Warzone

Check out how to complete the special Know Your History event and the rewards you'll get for doing so.
How to complete the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War event in Warzone
Call of Duty fans are ecstatic as the official reveal of the latest title in the franchise, Black Ops Cold War, has finally happened.

Warzone players that log in to the game will find that, while promoting Cold War, Infinity Ward has decided to add a special quest for all, which needs to be completed as a squad, called Know Your History.

The event will run for a very limited time, here's how to get it done, the rewards you'll get for doing so, and when you'll be able to complete it.

Black Ops Cold War event schedule

cold war event schedule

  • 26th August: Midnight-1:00 am BST (27th)
  • 27th August: 6:30 pm-7:30 pm BST
  • 28th August: Midnight-2:00 am BST (29th)
  • 29th August: 4:00 pm-6:00 pm & 1:00 am-3:00 am BST (30th)

How to complete the Black Ops Cold War event

Cod Warzone Black Ops event

After you select the Know Your History event from the main game, you'll be launched into the Verdansk map you know and love, with a slight change -- all named POIs, are blacked out.

You'll have to complete several quests in order to finish the event:

  • Collect Map Codes
  • Secure The Key
  • Crack The Map Code
  • Wield The Weapon

Collect Map Codes

To collect map codes, all you have to do is, as a squad, get five kills and retrieve a code from each down opponent. Now, don't worry about getting sent to the Gulag, even if you die, you'll respawn on the map.

Secure The Key

secure the key cold war

Once you get five kills, a key will appear marked down on your map. Each time you try to do the event, the key will spawn in a different zone.

secure they key cold war

Crack The Map Code

crack the map code cold war

After you get your hands on the key, a small area will be marked on your map, look for a cipher, and use the key to complete this part of the bounty.

warzone locate the cipher cold war

Wield The Weapon

This is the one most players get stuck at, as the only clue the game gives them is some map coordinates for a quadrant within Verdansk, however, the map won't be highlighted this time around.

In our case, the blueprint we needed to find was in G8, all the way at the bottom of Verdansk, near the edge of the map.

Once you get it (Woods will give it to you), head over to the Verdansk Stadium. By this point, it won't matter if you make it or not, as the mission has been completed either way.

Black Ops Cold War event rewards

Warzone players that complete all steps in the 15-minute time limit will get a special emblem, a calling card, and a blueprint for the Bay of Pigs DMR.

cold war event rewards

Bay of Pigs DMR

bay of the pigs cold war

bay of the pigs warzone

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