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Call of Duty
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How to get Armored Truck scorestreak in Warzone Season 4

Looking to include the Armored Truck into your arsenal in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4? Here’s how you can find the Armored Truck and the cost to upgrade it.

The Armored Truck has recently been added to Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 and proves to be an exceptionally powerful vehicle to include in your arsenal. Better still - you can upgrade it to make it even stronger, capitalizing on additional armor, a permanent UAV, and a turret. It can also be repaired, even whilst on the run. 

Admittingly, Armored Trucks are somewhat overpowered, and finding one will surely have you decimating the hopes and dreams of your enemies in Verdansk. The main question is: wherever can you find it?

Warzone Armored Truck: How to get

Follow the simple steps below to get the Armored Truck in Warzone Season 4.

  • Find any mini-satellite in Verdansk and capture it
  • Head to the dropped Satellite Cache
  • Pick up the Armored Truck Scorestreak
  • Call it in and upgrade it

The Armored Truck is discoverable via a scorestreak from satellites. There are already several satellites scattered across Verdansk, however, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the mini-satellites which crash down randomly throughout the game. When you find one, you will need to capture it (just like you would for a Recon Contract).

How to get Armored Truck scorestreak warzone satellites upgrade cost(Picture: Activision)

After the satellite has been capture, a Satellite Cache will be marked off in the vicinity. Head toward it and then open up the Armored Truck Scorestreak (if you’re unlucky, you may receive a HARP instead). You’ll then be able to call in the Armored Truck.

Once the Armored Truck has arrived, you can get into the turret seat and purchase upgrades through the Buy Station.

Armored Truck upgrade costs

Some of the upgrades which you can purchase for the Armored Truck include armor upgrades and a permanent UAV.

How to get Armored Truck scorestreak warzone satellites upgrade cost(Picture: Activision)

We’ve listed the cost of all of the upgrades below.

Armored Truck:

  • Refill Trophy - $2500
  • Repair Armored Truck - $1500


  • Armor Box - $6000
  • Munitions Box - $4500

Armored Truck Upgrade:

  • UAV - $4000
  • Trophy System - $3000
  • Heat Resistant Barrel - $3000
  • Heavy Armor - $2000

Indeed, the upgrades are expensive, however, you shouldn’t have any trouble affording them after slaughtering all of the enemies with your Armored Truck. 

Armored Trucks are definitely worth seeking during the Ground Fall event. These monster vehicles have since garnered mixed reactions from players and some (understandably) think that it’s simply too strong.

As a new addition to regular battle royales, we’re not sure how long they will stick around for. So the best option would be to enjoy them whilst they are still here.

Disclaimer:Armored Trucks have been disabled at the time of writing, on the 18th of June 2021, owing to a bug that causes players to become invisible.

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