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Call of Duty
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Warzone Armored Cargo Truck removed due to invisibility bug

Can't find the Armored Cargo Truck in Warzone? There's a good reason for this, as Raven Software had to remove the scorestreak due to an invisibility bug.
As Warzone Season 4 launched, bringing new locations to explore in Verdansk, a shiny new Battle Pass, several weapon balance changes and much more, we won't fault players for screaming "the sky is falling!". Let's be clear, that's not due to satellites falling from the sky. Instead, as players jumped into Verdansk, the infamous invisibility bug returned. In the early hours of the morning on 18th June 2021, to stop the invisibility bug, developer Raven Software removed the Armored Cargo Truck scorestreak from the game...

Armored Cargo Truck missing in Warzone?

The Armored Cargo Truck is an incredibly powerful vehicle, which can be repaired on the fly, and has a built-in UAV. It's a game-changing vehicle that you can get via a scorestreak from satellites. 

While some players might think it is a bit too strong (we don't blame them) this scorestreak actually cause the infamous invisibility bug to return.

Warzone armored cargo truck scorestreak missing removed invisibility bug(Picture: Activision)

Raven Software has pushed out an update (server-side) to remove Armored Cargo Trucks from Warzone, for now.

Taking to Twitter, the developer notes: "We have pushed an update in Warzone to remove the Armored Cargo Truck due to an ongoing issue with players becoming invisible."

Warzone armored cargo truck scorestreak missing removed invisibility bug(Picture: Raven Softare / Twitter)

It was expected that there would be some issues at the start of a new Warzone season. Another Warzone Season 4 issue is that some players are experiencing crashes when using QBZ blueprints. 

The blueprints to currently avoid are:

  • Fresh Powder
  • Smoke Valley
  • Soul Survivor
  • Death Metal
  • Cross Check

Lastly, looking at the game's official Trello Board, there's also an issue with Warzone crashing on Xbox consoles when loading Verdanks playlists, as well as a few other inconveniences. 

At the time of writing, it is unclear when the Armored Cargo Truck will return to Verdansk. The small, fallen satellites which drop throughout a match is, of course, linked to the Ground Fall event. 

Thankfully, the Armored Cargo Truck scorestreak isn't a required piece of the puzzle to complete challenges in the Ground Fall event, and reap some rewards.

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