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How to unlock the Hammer & Sickle in Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 introduces a new melee weapon called the Hammer and Sicker. Learn how to unlock it to equip in your loadout.
How to unlock the Hammer & Sickle in Warzone Season 6
COD Warzone Season 5 reloaded wrapped up recently, meaning the brand new Season 6 has finally made its way to the game. 

On Tuesday, Treyarch unveiled the patch notes of Warzone Season 6 update that featured a slew of exciting content, including new Operators, a shiny new battle pass, revamped POIs, five new functional weapons, and a number of weapon balance changes. Moreover, a spooky Halloween event is also coming out in the middle or towards the end of October in Warzone.

Apart from all this, the two new melee weapons, Battle Axe and Hammer and Sickle are perhaps the most interesting additions that will add more spice to your Warzone games. While we have already made a guide to unlocking the Battle Axe, this time around, we’d like to show you the walkthrough to obtain Hammer & Sickle Melee weapon in COD Warzone.

Unlocking Hammer and Sickle in COD Warzone Season 6

Unlike the new Battle Axe melee and other functional weapons such as Grav and 410 Ironhide Shotgun, the Hammer and Sickle isn’t available to unlock at the launch of Season 6. As per Activision’s official statement, players can unlock the Hammer and Sick in Warzone via the upcoming “The Haunting” event.

Warzone Season 6 hammer and sickle
Unlocking the Hammer and Sickle melee in COD Warzone Season 6. (Picture: Raven Software)

The Haunting event will commence on 19th October. Thus, players have to wait for a while until the dev team adds an in-game challenge for it. If completing in-game challenges isn’t for you, the Hammer and Sickle can always be obtained from the in-game store by purchasing the weapon’s blueprint. 

However, opting for the second method will require you to spend some bucks on the microtransaction, eventually making it a paid weapon. 

The Hammer and Sickle melee is a powerful union between industrial and agricultural tools which demonstrate the strength of labour with deadly melee attacks at close range. As always, it offers a more trollish and fun way to battle on the grounds of Verdansk. 

Hammer and Sickle Warzone Season 6 how to unlock
The Hammer and Sickle melee can also be obtained by purchasing the bundle. (Picture: Raven Software)

We'll be sure to provide you with more details on The Haunting event along with that particular event which must be completed in order to unlock the Hammer and Sickle melee.

So there you have it, what you need to know about unlocking Hammer and Sickle melee in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6.


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Featured image courtesy of Raven Software.