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Players are raging over zero damage Melee glitch in Warzone Pacific

Warzone Pacific players are fuming because of a "broken" game glitch, which causes Melee attacks not to deal any damage to enemies in Caldera.
It's now been nearly two weeks since Warzone Pacific was released, and many players have several issues while running down enemies in the new tropical island of Caldera. One issue that raised the red flag was the seemingly "broken" Melee attack system, which many players felt was too strong and needed to be nerfed.

More recently, players have realised that Raven Software might have given them a bit more than they were hoping for after discovering a major glitch in the Melee attacks system, causing attacks to deal zero damage to enemies in Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Followingly, Warzone Pacific players are raging since the zero damage Melee glitch is costing them games.

Broken Melee bug costs Warzone Pacific their games

While the Warzone subreddit is not short of complaints and videos, this latest highlights clip from the Warzone Highlights YouTube channel takes the cake. Uploaded on 20th December and entitled, "Streamers raging for the *new* melee nerf," we can see several accounts of the Melee attack glitch in action.

The first clip shows OpTic Gaming's Shotzzy unloading a clip onto an enemy before jumping down to finish the job with a Melee attack. Unfortunately for Shotzzy, his attempt to knife the enemy to death didn't work, which resulted in the enemy getting back up to take him down instead.

"Well, I guess they nerfed it like everyone wanted," said one person in the YouTube comments section. On the other hand, another user seemed pleasantly surprised by Raven Software's er, perhaps overtly practical approach.

A bug in Warzone Pacific is causing Melee attacks to deal zero damage to enemies.
A bug in Warzone Pacific is causing Melee attacks to deal zero damage to enemies. (Picture: YouTube / Warzone Highlights)

"This is great. They took the words of streamers literally and removed the function of melee" from a first-person shooter game, the user said.

Despite the absurdity of the bug, it's clear that the zero damage Melee attack is an unintended glitch. While is admittedly fun to watch, the glitch has many Warzone Pacific players fuming with anger.

Indeed, Melee attacks are particularly integral toward the end of Warzone Pacific matches, especially if players find themselves having run out of ammo.

Unfortunately, Raven Software hasn't formally responded to the player complaints; however, we can expect a fix to be released in a future patch update. We will endeavour to update this article if an official announcement has been made.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.