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Warzone Pacific suffering from serious graphics texture issues

It appears the infamous demon gun texture glitch has returned, and players are experiencing some other major texture issues as well in Warzone Pacific Season 1.
Warzone Pacific suffering from serious graphics texture issues

It's not all sunshine and bullets in Caldera, the massive new map introduced with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 1. In fact, it appears that many players are experiencing severe texture issues and graphical glitches, including the return of the infamous "demon gun". 

With over 40 new weaponsGulag changes, crazy fighter jet skirmishes, gameplay adjustments, new vehicles, and much more, the release of this monumental update is bound to cause issues for some players.

The current Warzone Pacific Season 1 texture/graphics issues, especially on PS4 and PS5, is however making it "unplayable" for some players. Here's what we know so far about the severe issues, including the return of the "demon gun".

Warzone Pacific graphics/texture issues

There are several graphics issues in Warzone Pacific Season 1 right now, from textures not loading in properly to "Artifacting" as Raven Software puts it.

Warzone pacific season 1 graphics texture issues demon gun artifacting raven software fix
Caldera's beauty is spoiled by texture issues. Is this is PS2 game? (Picture: Devon Tarrant / Activision)

The image above, from Devon Tarrant on Twitter, comes with the perfect caption: "Love Play-Doh Caldera" and it really does look like it, right?

Trees and buildings, or really any high-quality texture don't seem to be loading in properly, over very slowly right now. 

Then, there's also the "demon gun" glitch, which for some players reportedly remain for an entire match, forcing them to quit and restart Warzone.

Warzone pacific season 1 graphics texture issues demon gun artifacting raven software fix
The "demon gun" glitch has been summoned with the Warzone Pacific Season 1 update. (Picture: Killua98 / Activision)

The "demon gun" texture glitch in Warzone Pacific also appears to affect some Vanguard weapons introduced with Season 1.

Watch the infamous demon gun glitch in action during a Warzone Pacific Season 1 match from YouTuber Ryan.

Check out an image shared with us on Twitter from Sharko, showcasing the MP40 on the ground, clearly not what it is supposed to look like.

Warzone pacific season 1 graphics texture issues demon gun artifacting raven software fix
Wait, is that an MP40? (Picture: Sharko / Activision)

Raven Software's dedicated Trello Board for Warzone features two cards pertaining to the graphics/texture issues. 

  • [All Platforms] Artifacting: Some Players are experiencing visual inconsistencies with Weapon and/or Operator models.
  • [PlayStation] We are investigating various performance-related issues on the PlayStation platform.

While PS4 and PS5 gamers appear to suffer the most, players from all platforms are experiencing at least some texture loading or graphical issues, making "Play-Doh Caldera" not-so-sunny.

At the time of writing, we only know the developers are working on fixes for these texture/graphics issues in Warzone Pacific Season 1, with no exact ETA on a hotfix update.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision / Futurama.

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