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Warzone players report constant lag since Season 4 update, potential fix inside

Warzone Season 4 arrived a few days ago and it seems that some players are having issues with massive lag spikes.
Warzone players report constant lag since Season 4 update, potential fix inside
It wouldn't be a big Warzone update if it didn't come with a slew of issues.

Warzone Season 4 has finally arrived last week, bringing with it an abundance of new content, including some big weapon balance changes, several new interesting POIs, and three new weapons: the C58, the MG 82, and the good old Nail Gun.

And while players are excited to start grinding the Season 4 battle pass and test their Dirt Bike driving skills, some players are unfortunately experiencing annoying problems since the update.

Warzone Season 4 lag spikes: Can they be fixed?

A number of players on Reddit are reporting problems with huge lag spikes since the Season 4 update.

"The game is unplayable since the update, ping ranges from 90ms-699ms, it's usually 90 when I'm in a field on my own and 699 when I'm in a gunfight or enemies are close. It's very frustrating. I'm on Series X," says Reddit user Cheryvilkila.

Reports are confirming that the issue is not related to any particular console or PC, as players say that they are experiencing massive lag on all platforms.

According to reports, huge spikes are mostly appearing at the start of the round, and the issues then slowly start to settle down.

Warzone Season 4 lag spikes crashing satellites(Picture: Activision)

It seems that the problem is most likely related to the crashing satellites, as most cases of massive lag appear when they start falling. A similar issue previously appeared when the game received other huge additions to the map, like the train and the subway system.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution for the time being, as it seems that the problem is on the server's side, and has nothing to do with the game client.

We can advise you to try and play the game with lower quality settings and make sure that your internet works properly and no other programs are using bandwidth. 
Currently, that's the best thing we can offer to you as a possible solution because this is something that will Warzone developers have to fix on their side in order for the game to start working normally again.

Hopefully, they will deploy an update to fix the issue and optimize the performance of the game as soon as possible.