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Rebirth Island might be removed in Warzone Pacific Season 2

Call of Duty insiders claim that a new "Resurgence" map could replace Rebirth Island in Warzone's second anniversary update in March.
Rebirth Island might be removed in Warzone Pacific Season 2
Call of Duty developer Raven Software recently hinted at major map changes headed to the tropical island of Caldera. This latest development came after players complained about the lack of POIs near the centre of the map. However, recently, insiders teased that even more changes might be coming in future seasons of Warzone Pacific, including a brand-new map called "Resurgence."

Is Warzone Pacific getting a new map in Season 2?

According to insiders Tom Henderson and TheMW2Ghost, Rebirth Island might be replaced by a new map called "Resurgence." This information was revealed during a YouTube live stream on 29th January, during which the two discussed several details regarding the next-gen Call of Duty game, Warzone 2.

TheMW2Ghost explained that he was told that there was "a new Rebirth" or "possibly a new theme version" of the map but cautioned that nothing was confirmed yet.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the map's size or location; however, Henderson and TheMW2Ghost suspect the new map will be released in the near future.

warzone leakers rebirth island replaced season 2
Leaker claim Rebirth Island might be scrapped in Warzone Pacific Season 2 or 3. (Picture: Activision)

Beyond this, the leakers also suspect that the new map is a major factor regarding the delay of Warzone's second season, noting that the developers might be getting the new map ready for Warzone's second-anniversary celebration in March.

TheMW2Ghost noted contacting another leaker, who revealed, "March 10th is Warzone's anniversary." They continued, saying the date "coincides with Season 2" and
"could be the reason why there was a big delay."

warzone pacific to get new resurgence map leakers unconfirmed
Rebirth Island has a limited lobby size of only 40 players. (Picture: Activision)

Henderson seemed to agree, saying, "I think that the Resurgence map for March, that does seem possible."

A different leaker, TheGhostOfHope, echoed this, noting that "there is a possibility" the Resurgence map will be released during Warzone's anniversary, either at the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded or Season 3.

"[I have] no idea if it'll replace or rotate with Rebirth Island," the leaker also said.

At this time, there isn't much evidence to support these claims. However, previous reports from these leakers have proven reliable in the past.

We will endeavour to provide further updates as more information becomes available.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.