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Sliding bug fixed in latest Black Ops Cold War update

An update that rolled out on 11th October fixes the notorious sliding bug alongside a number of quality of life and TDM changes.
Sliding bug fixed in latest Black Ops Cold War update
Call of Duty and sliding bugs can you name a more iconic duo? A "feature" of the game since Black Ops III and its infamous "g-slide", the act of cancelling the sliding inanimation to slide right into another has become one of the staples of the franchise.

Sliding bug black ops cold war, black ops cold war patch notes
Black Ops Cold War's beta has had a number of issues (Picture: Treyarch)

Treyarch are taking a different approach with Black Ops Cold War though with an update to the beta that went live on 11th October removing the iteration seen in the latest Call of Duty game.

In a series of tweets detailing the update Treyarch made mention of adjusting the Duster Stock attachement to "prevent faster sliding than intended."

Whether this means the complete removal of the sliding bug as seen in the game at the moment is not year clear.

Alongside those changes Treyarch also announced that the Spy Plane's cooldown has been increased, the TDM score limit has gone from 75 to 100, and the ability to join games that are near their end has been changed to make this scenario less likely.

Fans of the game will hope there there are furhter updates on the way and soon as the game has been critized for poor netcode, inconsistent aim assist and audio issues.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is currently in beta with only those that pre-ordered on PlayStation 4 able to play at the moment. Next weekend will see Xbox and PC players given access which may well throw up problems of its own.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 11th October patch notes

  • Adjusted tuning on the Duster Stock attachment to prevent faster sliding than intended.
  • Increased the cooldown on the Spy Plane to help limit their numbers in the sky at one time.
  • Increased TDM score limit from 75 to 100.
  • Adjusted conditions for joining in progress to prevent players from joining matches that are about to end.
  • Fixed an additional crash that could occur during the Best Play in a VIP Escort match.