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T-Pain said WHAT at the COD Vanguard premiere?

"Preorder. Preload. Prec#m" - T-Pain
T-Pain said WHAT at the COD Vanguard premiere?

The Call of Duty: Vanguard World Premiere kicked off on 4th November to celebrate the launch of the next highly-anticipated iteration from the franchise. The event was perfectly executed, with a great cast of people to get fans excited for the launch.

CouRage and T-Pain hosted the event, which kicked off with a showcase of the Vanguard Campaign. Next, international superstars Lil Jon, Lil Tecca, Big Boi, and Big Sean clashed heads in multiplayer before introducing an exclusive preview at Zombies and Warzone Pacific gameplay.

While the premiere certainly got fans excited for COD Vanguard's launch, arguably the best part of the event was when T-Pain took the stage to wrap things up.

T-Pain tells fans to prec#m at COD Vanguard premiere

I honestly have to give massive props to Treyarch for deciding to let T-Pain host the COD Vanguard premiere, but it may have been a little obvious he had too much to drink (and he certainly knew it).

COD Vanguard World Premiere. (Picture: Treyarch)
COD Vanguard World Premiere. (Picture: Treyarch)

"The liquor was free, so that was pretty goddamn cool. So yeah, we had a little bit of fun with that," T-Pain said. The American rapper then proceeded to wrap up the evening, thanking "CouRage, the Vanguard World Orchestra, Lil Jon, Lil Tecca, Big Sean, Big Boi, all of our Call of Duty streamers and players, but most of all you guys, the Call of Duty fans."

T-Pain told fans to precum at the Call of Duty Vanguard World Premiere. (Picture: Treyarch)
T-Pain told fans to precum at the COD Vanguard World Premiere. (Picture: Treyarch)

After also thanking the fans in the audience, T-Pain thanked everyone online for watching, reminding them to "stop being d*#ks" and "let people finish games" before trailing off incoherently. Perhaps it was at that point the COD Vanguard production team realized that there was more alcohol than blood pumping through T-Pain's veins and prompted him to wrap up and stay on cue.

Shortly after that, T-Pain once again thanked everybody for letting him host the event and said: "I hope you all enjoyed the premiere of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Preorder. Preload. Prec#m," like an absolute unit. What a lad. "Yo, that's all I got by the end of the night. Peace, love, and may you have three balls in the morning. I appreciate y'all, baby!" the rap star concluded.

T-Pain had some serious balls with his down bad comment and tried to get the entirety of the Call of Duty community to fail No Nut November after only three days. 


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Featured image courtesy of Treyarch / T-Pain.

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