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Warzone Pros Aydan & ZLaner Hit With Dev Errors In $300K Tournament

Warzone pros Aydan and ZLaner unexpectedly encountered dev errors during the $300,000 World Series of Warzone tournament.
Warzone Pros Aydan & ZLaner Hit With Dev Errors In $300K Tournament

Bugs and glitches are commonplace in most games, and Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception. Also known as dev errors, these issues happen frequently and often present following major gameplay updates. Still, these issues are always frustrating, especially during important moments.

On 7th September 2022, professional Warzone players Aydan and ZLaner, experienced a dev error during Activision’s World Series of Warzone (WSOW) tournament, resulting in a loss and costing them a chunk of the event's $300,000 prize pool. This loss was devastating since their race to the top ended through an unfair, abrupt dev error.

Dev Error Kicks Aydan & ZLaner From World Series of Warzone

world series of warzone tournament prize pool
The World Series of Warzone tournament featured a $300,000 prize pool. (Picture: Activision)

After releasing the Warzone Season 5 "Last Stand" update, which comprised a massive menu of new content and features, Activision kicked off the World Series of Warzone tournament shortly thereafter. Essentially, the competition comprised solo and trio formatted tournaments for the game’s North American (NA) and European regions, with a sizeable prize pool for players to win.

Aydan and ZLaner participated in the NA trio tournament and performed reasonably well throughout their matches. But despite performing better than most competitors, the two were met with a dev error during their game, causing it to crash. Aydan received a dev error at the start of his match, while ZLaner had the issue after “[hitting] his loadout” in one of their games.

This disruption caused their teams to play without them, but despite pleading to admins for a remake of the match, they were denied it.

Because of this ruling, Aydan and ZLaner’s teams had to play without them, causing them to arguably rank lower than they would’ve if they had the fair chance to play without ever getting hit with a dev error in Warzone.

While streaming on Twitch, Aydan addressed the admin’s decision, saying, “I’m actually so depressed about that; not even because of the money, I care about my teammates. I literally don’t care about making money. But I just, I know it means a lot to them, so for me not to be in the last game helping them, it really hurts. It actually makes me sad as f*ck.”

aydan zlaner dev errors world series of warzone
Aydan and ZLaner were hit with dev errors during the World Series of Warzone tournament. (Picture: Activision)

On the other hand, ZLaner called Activision to add a reconnect function to their upcoming game Warzone 2 in an attempt to "combat" these issues from happening again. He said, “can we please add a reconnect button to Warzone 2? You’ve got multiple players in a $300,000 tournament lagging out. I understand I’m playing an online game, and crashing/lag outs can happen, but this would at least combat that a bit.”

Aydan and his team scored fourth placements in the NA trio tournament of World Series of Warzone, while ZLaner secured twelfth place. At the end of all this, both pro players agree the issue was quite saddening, especially in such a significant tournament.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter via Aydan and Activision.

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