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Warzone Mo Gulag Mo Problems: Infinite Gulag April Fools event

Fans that didn't notice the subtle name change of Warzone's main mode may have thought they ran into a glitch, turns out, it's a small April Fools' event created by the developers.
Warzone Mo Gulag Mo Problems: Infinite Gulag April Fools event
The recent Season 2 Reloaded update brought plenty of small changes to spice up Verdansk. 

From the return of killstreaks like Foresight and Advanced UAVs as purchasable items via the newly added Containment Monitor Stations to the surprise drop of an entirely original one -- the Bombardment killstreak, there's perhaps an even weirder change most Warzone players missed.

Warzone infinite Gulag - Is it a glitch?

warzone infinite glitch
(Picture: Activision)

Well no, despite what the majority of players think, this is a subtle unannounced April Fools' event that will continue past 1st April, however, the duration is yet unknown. 

If you look at the main playlist's name, you'll notice that it's currently called 'Mo Gulag Mo Problems' hinting at the nature of the event. So what is it exactly?

Mo Gulag Mo Problems - How it works

As the name implies, players will get access to multiple Gulag attempts on a single game. The only requirement you need to meet is that you must win every single time you get sent to the prison.

There's not a set amount of times you can respawn from the Gulag, however, like regular Warzone matches, the prison will close once the endgame starts. 

Of course, if you get killed that's it for you, meaning you'll have to go back to begging your friends so they can bring you back to life. Good luck, and we hope you can snatch some wins with this new and limited feature in place.