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Warzone SMG tier list - Every sub-machine gun ranked from best to worst for Season 3

Season 3 has once again shaken up the Warzone meta, make sure you are equipped with the best weapons with our SMG tier list, ranking every sub-machine gun from best to worst.

Warzone Season 3 has arrived and it comes with a lot of new changes which will hopefully make Warzone fresh and exciting again.

Asides from 3 new weapons, including the PPSh-41 SMG and the Swiss K31 sniper rifle, there's also a brand new Verdansk map set in the 1980s

But this time around, Raven Software is bringing the biggest amount of balance changes yet, with almost all weapon classes getting updates.

When it comes to SMGs, the two most powerful weapons from Season 2, the Mac-10 and LC10, both received slight changes, with LC10 getting a slight bullet velocity increase, while Mac-10 ending up with about ~10% less max damage.

Of course, there is a new toy for the SMG fans to play with, the PPSh-41, and our initial testing shows that this weapon might be the next candidate for early Season 3 nerfs.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of other changes as well, which can influence how the weapon perform even if it wasn't changed directly.

With all that in mind, let's take a look at Warzone Season 3 SMG tier list

Let's break down what each tier means down below:

Warzone Season 3 best SMG Submachine gun tier list(Picture: Tiermaker)

  • S-Tier: The best of the best. Even with mediocre attachments, this gun's better than half of the others in its category.
  • A-Tier: Solid choices that can net you good results with the appropriate attachments. 
  • B-Tier: Middle of the pack. Solid choices for certain situations but can't directly compete with any top-tier gun.
  • C-Tier: Very specific uses, mainly to compliment a loadout. This shouldn't be your primary weapon but can save you from sticky situations
  • D-Tier: Trash, possibly competing for the worst guns in the game. Avoid at all costs.

Warzone Season 3 SMG tier list

Below, we've ranked all 17 SMG options for Warzone Season 3 from best to worst, kicking things off with the S-Tier weapons which can melt your opponents in seconds.

Update: This tier list has been updated to account for the buffs and nerfs to the PPSh-41 and Bullfrog seen in the 7th May Warzone update.

S-Tier SMGs:

Warzone Season 3 best SMG Submachine gun tier listThe glorious MAC-10 has been slightly nerfed (Picture: NICKMERCS)

Described as the most "broken" weapon in Warzone Season 3, the new AK-47 SMG build is simply put, a beast. It shreds enemies at close range and has enough ammo that can let players clutch almost any situation you can imagine.

The PPSh-41 goes right below in the Season 3 tier list. The damage per shot of this weapon is not particularly high, but that is compensated with an extraordinary fast fire rate and "high-capacity capabilities" which makes it perfect for rushing and engaging in close-quarter combat. 

The MAC-10 and LC10 both received slight changes, but they are still performing great, and for now, we still have them at our S-Tier.

A-Tier SMGs:

Warzone Season 3 best SMG Submachine gun tier listThe Fennec is still one of the best (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

With the right attachments to make the perfect loadout and some practice, these SMGs in Warzone Season 2 can still go toe-to-toe with the S-Tier SMG options.

B-Tier SMGs

Warzone Season 3 best SMG Submachine gun tier listThe P90 can melt opponents at close range (Picture: NICKMERCS)

  • P90
  • PP19 Bizon
  • Uzi

Barely not making the A-Tier, these SMGs from the B-Tier are still very effective in the right hands, and with the best loadout possible.

C-Tier SMGs

Warzone Season 3 best SMG Submachine gun tier listThe Striker 45 can have its moments (Picture: NICKMERCS)

  • Striker 45
  • KSP 45

Serviceable in the right situations, for example, Strike 45 has a great range. You need the perfect loadout for these to make them work.

D-Tier SMGs

Warzone Season 3 best SMG Submachine gun tier listThe Milano 821 can't compete (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

  • Milano 821

Drop these like a hot potato and rather go for one of the fourteen other SMGs options on the list.


Disagree with our list? We don't care. Why not check out our Season 3 Sniper tier list as well as our Assault Rifle tier list to be more disappointed.