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OTV Rust server resets with Wild West RP theme

OfflineTV creator announced a total reset of OTV Rust server with a new Wild West theme to “create a new, more enjoyable experience”, catering to both RP and PvP.
OTV Rust server resets with Wild West RP theme

The relaunch of the OfflineTV (OTV) Rust server was initially met with anticipation but this quickly dissolved after notable streamers like Sodapopin, Mendo and xQc left the server. According to xQc, Rust pro and “tryhard” stacks on the revived server were making the game “uninteresting” by never raiding or interacting in the comms. Mendo reciprocated xQc’s sentiment by adding that the server is “not meant for Rust pros to just run over everyone”.

Abe “BaboAbe” Chung, the server admin, subsequently tweeted that there would be a total server wipe in an attempt to balance the roleplay and player versus player experience. This includes the introduction of a new “Wild West” theme, which promises to shake things up.

OTV Rust server reset with new Wild West theme

According to Abe, the server reset will be an attempt to “create a new, more enjoyable experience”, adding that the new server will cater to “ both RP and PvP”. This follows after he admitted that the server comprised mostly content creators, who “are not experienced Rust players”.

The server reset will take place on July 15th at 8 PM BST. The  theme of the server will be ‘Wild West” and will include the following features:

  • Designated safe zone with rules
  • Gun nerfs, changes and restrictions to help balance RP, PvP and overall gameplay
  • Leaderboards for PvP and wealth will be scrapped.
abe offlinetv otv rust server reset wild west theme balance changes
Abe on OTV server reset (Picture: Twitter / BaboAbe)

Abe added that “this will not only make both PvP and PvE more challenging and fair or balanced, but it will also make the fights last longer, be more fair and rewarding”.

We’ll have to wait and see whether these changes will convince creators to return to the server. Many of these creators have flocked to Grand Theft Auto RP servers, like NoPixel, which has seen considerable support from fans in recent times. 

At the very least, these changes would appear to make the Rust playing experience more fair and balanced to beginners and we anticipate a positive response from the community. We’ll be sure to update you when the new server goes live.

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Header image via Offline TV.

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