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Best AK Builds In Escape from Tarkov

Come and check out the Best Escape from Tarkov AK builds!
Best AK Builds In Escape from Tarkov
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Escape from Tarkov players typically become confused when selecting an AK due to the wide plethora of Kalashnikov selections there are available within the game, totaling seventeen different rifles. With all that selection, how are newer players going to have the time or money to experience each of those rifles and build a valid opinion on each rifle's functionality? Furthermore, each weapon has its own unique modification scheme, causing players to attempt to replicate identical build AK to AK, which unfortunately won't work due to each rifle being somewhat different and unique in its own way.

This guide will showcase exactly how to build an optimized AK rifle, highlighting the importance of understanding the weapon specifics before modifying them. Like DMRs, AK rifles are incredibly adaptable within every situation, whether that be clearing dorms or making two-hundred-meter shots on Reserve, AKs are trustworthy and heavily used within modern combat today, hence why there are so many variants within Escape from Tarkov. Please remember to check out the caliber before modifying your AK rifle, as they vary between:

Additionally, this guide will be beneficial to those who obtain the following:

  • Level fifteen of above - access to Flea market 
  • Obtain Workbench level one in the hideout - access to the weapon modification screen
  • 250K Roubes (spare) - to pay for at least one of the DMR builds below 

Where these requirements aren't necessary, it will make your life incredibly easier. Players who don't obtain the flea market will have to find these attachments in-raid; the workbench will have less visual aid when building the weapon, and these builds will cost around 150-250k roubles per, after the price of the AK.


Escape from Tarkov Best AK Builds: AK-101

Haters will say it's fake, but this AK-101 is coming straight out of Judge Dread. This beautiful piece of engineering features two scopes, fifty recoil, and fifty ergonomics, and has the ability to scope out enemies hiding in bushes and concealed rural areas. The dust cover has been removed purely for aesthetical purposes, however, you can decide to put one on, it just won't look as awesome. 

I saw this AK-101 featured in a YouTube video, showcasing its ability through solo squad wipes on Customs, and had to try it out, later to find this video wasn't false advertising. Quickly this weapon became one of my favorites, using the Torrey Pines Logic T12W to hunt bush dwellers and kill enemies through smokes, with the low recoil shredding enemies to pieces in a series of seconds. Honestly, this weapon has been designed to perfection and I give my serious personal recommendations. 

Here are the following attachments

Attachment Type Attachment 
Muzzle Device Rotor 43 5.56x45
Gas Block AK Vezhlivyy Strelok VS-24 + VS-33s Handguard
Pistol Grip AK Custom Arms AGS-74 PRO + Sniper Kit
Sights AK Taktika Tula TT01 rear sight rail
Stock Lock AK-74M/AK-100 Zenit PT Lock
Mounts SAG Bit low profile dovetail side mount
Mounts (2) Vltor CASV KeyMod 6-inch rail
Foregrip Viking Tactics UVG Tactical Foregrip
Scope EOTech XPS3-2 Holographic Sight
Special Purpose Sight Torrey Pines Logic T12W 30Hz Thermal Reflex Sight
Stock AK Zenit PT-3 "Klassika" Stock

This weapon is considerably expensive, coming in at around 300k roubles total with the current update (13.1) and Flea market value. Obviously, that's quite an investment on a weapon of this absurd-looking nature, therefore check out the YouTube video here, to see gameplay.


Escape from Tarkov Best AK Builds: AKM

The AKM is a vital part of Escape from Tarkov, optimized for 7.62x39 and taking squads by storm, the rifle provides a grueling experience for its receiver. Used widely by operators in modern combat today, the AKM is iconic and reliable amongst warriors, especially within Escape from Tarkov. The high caliber of this weapon is highlighted on the battlefields, having most enemies flop within a few shots to the chest.

The ability to make this weapon tactical is incredibly easy, especially within the modification menu, you can really see how positively these attachments benefit the rifle. Having the recoil significantly decreased and the ergonomics increased. The silencer is expensive, however, necessary for a pleasant experience, this rifle is again coming in the expensive side of weaponry, costing players around 200k roubles. 

Here are the following attachments:

Attachment Type Attachment 
Muzzle Device SilencerCo Hybrid 46 multi-caliber sound suppressor
Tactical Device AN/PEQ-15 tactical device
Muzzle Device Adapter SilencerCo Hybrid 46 Direct Thread Mount Adapter
Gas Block AK Vezhlivyy Strelok VS-24 + VS-33s Handguard
Pistol Grip AK Zenit RK-3 Pistol Grip
Sights Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight
Dust Cover AK AKademia Bastion Dust Cover
Stock Lock AKM/AK-74 Zenit PT Lock
Mounts Vltor CASV KeyMod 6-inch rail
Mounts (2) Vltor CASV KeyMod 4 Inch Rail
Foregrip Zenit RK-1 Tactical foregrip on B-25U mount
Scope (2) Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight
Stock AK Zenit PT-1 "Klassika" Stock

Like the prior build, this AKM contains many attachments but they are all essential for your venture to victory. Embrace this build and reap the rewards it bestows upon you, the Kalashnikov rifles are the national rifle of Tarkov, operate it with passion. 


Escape from Tarkov Best AK Builds: AKS-74UN 

How could we mention Kalashnikovs and not speak about the AKS-74UN rifle? This compact version of the AK is perfect for close-quarters situations, whether that's clearing Resort on Shoreline or going door-to-door in Dorms. The AKS-74UN synergizes perfectly with a Sniper Rifle if you decide to double up on Woods for security or run Factory in an attempt to kill everything with a pulse.

The AKS-74UN never costs too much money, neither does the rifle act unreliable, this weapon can expect to cost approximately 200k roubles including the price of the AKS, quite a deal! Additionally, it doesn't require elite-level patience or skill to build this weapon in the modification menu, making it a walk in the park! 

Attachment Type Attachment 
Muzzle Device AK-74 TGP-A 5.45x39 sound suppressor
Tactical Device Zenit Klesch-2U tactical flashlight
Handguard  AKS-74U Alfa Arms Goliaf handguard
Pistol Grip AK Zenit RK-3 Pistol Grip
Sights Trijicon SRS-02 Reflex sight
Stock Lock AKM/AK-74 Zenit PT Lock
Mounts AKS-74U Zenit B-18 Mount
Foregrip Fortis Shift Tactical Foregrip
Charging Handle AK CSS Knurled Charging Handle
Stock Lock AKS-74/AKS-74U Zenit PT Lock
Stock  AK Zenit PT-3 "Klassika" Stock

Not as many attachments as in the previous builds, making the AKS quite simple and easy in all aspects. However, the rifle can only be optimized well in close-quarters combat, anything further than fifty-seventy meters will be an incredible struggle, especially if the enemy is using weapons like the above builds! 

Ranking these weapons would be incredibly hard, they all serve incredible companions on the battlefield and serve different purposes, it would be a great dishonor to even compare these weapons. I give my serious recommendations to try them all out, the next time you have a spare 800k roubles to dish out on these three weapons!

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