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Escape from Tarkov Helmet Tier List: Best Helmets, Ranked

Come and check out Escape from Tarkovs best helmets!
Escape from Tarkov Helmet Tier List: Best Helmets, Ranked
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Escape from Tarkov contains a wide plethora of customizable and different weapons, attachments, body armor, and helmets to protect you from death. Although death is almost inevitable in most cases in Escape from Tarkov, it can be "put off" by using more protective armor and helmets. Many Escape from Tarkov helmets offers terrible protection from bullets and shrapnel, costing players a significant of money to purchase and then being the reason why they die to a ricocheted 9x19 bullet from a player scav. 

Within this article we're going to rank all the helmets within Escape from Tarkov, telling you whether or not a specific helmet is worth purchasing. Each rank will give a brief example of the quality of helmets within that category, allowing you to decide if the helmet is worth the money or not. Once surpassing a certain level, it's probably better to save the money and just wear a balaclava, chances of being shot in the head probably aren't that high anyway, right?


Escape from Tarkov Best Helmets: Rank S

Escape from Tarkov rank "S" helmets are the crème de la crème of protection, these bad boys will make 7.62x39 rounds feel like someone throwing legos at your head. Despite costing your soul to purchase, these helmets will ensure maximum protection whilst using them, being immune to lower-class ammunition variants, and can withstand regular ammo with no problem. When facing 7.62x51 M61 (for example) these helmets can take a couple of rounds, before being dropped. The armor class will be in brackets, for example (5) to detail their specific in-game rank:

  • Vulkan-5 (LShZ-5) bulletproof helmet (6)
  • Rys-T bulletproof helmet - comes with face shield (5)
  • Altyn bulletproof helmet - comes with face shield (5)

Only three helmets reach the renowned S tier within Escape from Tarkov, this is because these helmets are rated armor class levels six and five, being the only ones in Escape from Tarkov. These are additionally the most feared helmets, whenever players see enemies using these, they run in fear and hide for their lives; shooting is useless in most cases! 


Escape from Tarkov Best Helmets: Rank A

Escape from Tarkov rank "A" helmets are Chad's typical go-to helmet, these things aren't particularly as intimidating or protective as the S-tier helmets, however, you're able to rely on the protection and intimidation factors of these helmets. We all know the feeling of seeing a player with a large backpack, a fully modded M4, and an AirFrame helmet on The Lab, you know that they're likely going to mess you up unless you hide in the shadows. 

  • Ops-Core FAST MT Super High Cut helmet (4)
  • Crye Precision AirFrame helmet (Tan) (4)
  • Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet (4)
  • BNTI LShZ-2DTM helmet (4)
  • Maska-1SCh bulletproof helmet (4)

These helmets all have high ricochet chances, minimal reduced movement speed, and the ability to add attachments such as night vision, flashlights, and extra protective materials. These helmets are on the pricier side of the range, but very affordable most of the time. These helmets are not going to provide excellent protection against higher-tier ammunition, however, general players and scavs with normal ammo aren't going to stand a chance. 


Escape from Tarkov Best Helmets: Rank B

Escape from Tarkov rank "B" helmets are pretty regular purchases for more wealthy players. Players that are able to spend 50,000 roubles on a helmet are on a different level, especially early wipes. Tier-B helmets provide the same level of protection as Rank-A, however, they're typically heavier, have a higher sound reduction, and are less tactical than tier-A. 

  • HighCom Striker ULACH IIIA helmet (4) 
  • ZSh-1-2M helmet (4) 
  • Diamond Age Bastion helmet (4) 
  • MSA Gallet TC 800 High Cut combat helmet (4) 
  • HighCom Striker ACHHC IIIA helmet (4) 
  • MSA ACH TC-2002 MICH Series helmet (4) 
  • MSA ACH TC-2001 MICH Series helmet (4)

These helmets can typically be purchased from Ragman loyalty level two and players can access these helmets at level fifteen once they unlock the Flea market. Overall, these are the typical helmets players try to use when entering a run, they provide good durability and ricochet chances if being shot by medium/lower-end ammunition. Don't expect these helmets to hold up if you're shot with 7.62x54R from a Mosin bush camper. 


Escape from Tarkov Best Helmets: Rank C

Escape from Tarkov rank "C" helmets are the type of Helmets you purchase in a rush, hearing yourself mumble "It'll do." These helmets provide typical protection from low-end ammunition, such as cheap 5.56x45 and anything below. Unfortunately, these helmets don't guarantee protection because there's always a chance a shot to the head will cause instant death, we're really hoping that most ammunition ricochets because if you take damage you're likely dying.

  • 6B47 Ratnik-BSh helmet (3)
  • FORT Kiver-M bulletproof helmet (3)
  • SSSh-94 SFERA-S helmet (3)
  • DevTac Ronin ballistic helmet (3)
  • UNTAR helmet (3) 
  • NFM HJELM helmet (3)
  • Galvion Caiman Hybrid helmet (3)
  • SSh-68 steel helmet (3)
  • LShZ light helmet (3)

These helmets get destroyed by anything slightly higher in caliber, except they will provide protection against the general scav or depth-gobbler. Really wouldn't recommend these helmets when attempting something big like high-kill raids or completing difficult tasks, this is because they're simply not reliable enough to protect you from death in most situations. 


Escape from Tarkov Best Helmets: Rank D

Escape from Tarkov rank "D" helmets are the bottom of the barrel equipment, not even scavs risk wearing these terrible pieces of "protection." For the most part, these helmets actually hinder you more than benefit you, stopping you from wearing in-game headsets, having the ability to hear footsteps because they cover characters' ears, and having terrible visors, lowering visibility. These helmets usually spawn in sports bags, or on your player-scav, and we'd recommend you take them off! 

  • Tac-Kek FAST MT helmet (Replica) (1)
  • TSh-4M-L soft tank crew helmet (1)
  • Kolpak-1S riot helmet (2)
  • ShPM Firefighter helmet (2) 
  • PSh-97 DJETA riot helmet (2)

Unfortunately, these helmets are more like stash decorations than anything because players simply refuse to wear them. The Tac-Kek FAST MT helmet is a replica of the Ops-Core FAST MT helmet, showing a more illegitimate side of Escape from Tarkov, probably sold by Fence. If you ever decide to wear these helmets they may stop 9x18 ammo very rarely, however, that's unlikely and you're probably going to die. It's better to discard these helmets and use nothing, seriously. 

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