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Atlanta FaZe achieves redemption, wins CDL Champs 2021

After an eight-game series for the history books, Atlanta FaZe finally took flight and conquered the CDL Championship.
Atlanta FaZe achieves redemption, wins CDL Champs 2021

The 2021 Season of the Call of Duty League is now over, and after months full of incredible plays and memorable moments, a new champion has been crowned during its Championship Weekend, being none other than Atlanta FaZe.

In a kind of Cinderella story after falling in the 2020 finals, Atlanta managed to achieve their redemption following a fantastic season where they conquered three out of five majors, closing this year’s run with the crown on their heads.

CDL Champs 2021 Atlanta FaZe
Call of Duty League 2021 champions, Atlanta FaZe. (Picture: COD League)

FaZe managed to silence doubters, after they weren’t considered favourites to take the dub due to their poor performance in the last major before Champs.

Thanks to this, their mindset changed as soon as the finals started, as they stomped both New York Subliners and 2020 Champions Dallas Empire, to secure their ticket into the finals, where they would face Toronto Ultra from the losers’ side.

While Toronto showed their potential throughout all the bracket, even after their initial defeat against Dallas in a close five-game series, their momentum suddenly disappeared as their dominance wasn’t as close as we expected in the ultimate stage.

CDL Champs 2021 Atlanta FaZe
One year later, Atlanta FaZe achieves redemption at last. (Picture: COD League)

At first, Toronto Ultra managed to rise with a hard fought victory, although they couldn’t handle everything their opponents were saving, as Atlanta would win three straight rounds to take the advantage.

Afterwards, both teams interspersed rounds with Toronto almost having the tie by putting the score at 4-3, but at the end Atlanta would be the ones who succeed by taking the last point on Hardpoint and Apocalypse, in a more than unstoppable performance worthy of a champion.

After his impressive plays during the year, Simp took over the season’s MVP renewing his legacy as one of the best players of all time, while the so-called “first blood king” aBeZy with his K/D results and utility in Express Search and Destroy, received the Playoffs’ MVP award.

With this win, not only Arcitys, aBeZy and Simp have won their second Champs, and Cellium his first, it also cements a new dynasty in the CoD scene, which before its next cycle in Call of Duty: Vanguard, has seen the rise of Atlanta FaZe as the best in the world, taking the trophy and the 1.2 million USD prize to home.

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