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Call of Duty
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COD Vanguard hackers can end games instantly

Hackers have wormed their way into the COD Vanguard beta and are even able to instantly end games.
Call of Duty: Vanguard is among the most highly anticipated game titles slated for release this year. Unfortunately, players have raised concerns regarding several issues they experienced whilst playing the game, pointing out unplayable visual effects and calling for the outright removal of certain game features.

Among the many critics was Twitch icon, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, who also recently blasted Activision for COD Vanguard's "busted" TTK. To make matters worse, hackers have now wormed their way into the COD Vanguard beta. This has been (and continues to be) a major problem faced by Activision after the hacking crisis in Warzone saw troves of players resign from the game.

COD Vanguard hackers can end games instantly

It has been speculated that the reason for the apparent onslaught of hacking in COD Vanguard may be due to the game being built on the same engine as Modern Warfare. This means that the cheats that work in Warzone will also work in COD Vanguard.

In the clip below, you can see a player using a wallhack and aimbot to slaughter enemies through walls.

Please be advised that the clip below contains extremely foul and mature language.


In addition to this, YouTube streamer "EasyStomps", revealed how a hacker was able to instantly end the game after he was confronted about using hacks by other players.

On 19th September, EasyStomps posted about the incident on Twitter, where he said: "This cheater had [wallhacks] in the Vanguard Beta and when we called him out, he made the whole game end. I'm actually mind blown!"

Although Activision announced that they would be launching a new Anti-Cheat for Warzone later this year, these incidents don't appear to inspire much confidence.

It is only natural that players would be upset about the presence of hackers in their games, especially if they are not even allowed the chance to play their matches into completion.

Hackers make their way into COD Vanguard and some are able to end the game instantly.
Hackers make their way into COD Vanguard and some are able to end the game instantly. (Picture: Activision)

We will give Activision the benefit of the doubt, given that COD Vanguard is still in its beta testing phase. However, this is a major issue that Activision needs to resolve ahead of COD Vanguard's official launch on 5th November.

Activision has yet to provide a response to the surge in incidents of hacking in COD Vanguard. We will endeavour to provide further updates regarding this story as more information becomes available.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.