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How to complete the Old Wounds Intel Mission in Call of Duty: Warzone

A brand-new intel mission is available for players of Infinity Ward's battle royale. Here's how to complete it and the rewards you'll get for doing so.
How to complete the Old Wounds Intel Mission in Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty fans have a lot to be excited about following the recent announcements of the latest Black Ops Cold War, as well as an in-game event within Warzone with exclusive rewards for those that complete it.

On top of all this, a new intel mission has popped up, the second one of Season 5 thus far, called Old Wounds. Intel missions task players with exploring the vast map of Verdansk while completing objectives to earn XP for your battle pass and other types of rewards. 

This time around, Old Wounds will lead players to the Zordaya Prison Complex, otherwise known as the Gulag, uncovering the secrets of the mysterious Zakhaev and how he's managed to stay hidden for this long.

How to complete Old Wounds intel mission

warzone old wounds intel mission

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey did a comprehensive step-by-step of the Old Wounds intel mission. The first clue can be seen before jumping into a battle royale, in the intel mission tab.

All images courtesy of Infinity Ward.

old wounds location

We can see this is the control room of the prison, so head out there and grab it in order to continue progressing the intel mission. Now, the mission could be bugged, so it is recommended that you back out and look for the pieces of intel in a different session, although nothing's stopping from trying it in one go.

Old Wounds intel mission 2 location

intel mission old wounds

Once you get the first piece of intel, another one will pop up that says "arm 3-1 signal came from in here, found this," followed by a number (b2) with straight lines alongside it.

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This is pointing you to a B level cell, near the radiator, in which you'll find more intel.

Old Wounds intel mission 3 location

warzone location 3

The new piece of intel reads: "finishing what father begun, Adler/Perseus? Perseus - tried recruiting IZ. Moving to showers block 2."

This is pointing you to the prison showers, specifically, the platform above you wait for your turn to fight when you're sent to the Gulag in a regular Warzone match. Look for a toiler in a prison cell and you're set.

Old Wounds intel mission 4 location

intel mission old wounds 4 location

The next piece of intel will see you head out to the prison office, saying that "Z controls FT - will use me as ground comf. Moving med/nuke material. Office above entrance."

For this one, as you're falling into the map, head out to the fortress looking structure standing tall above the main entrance of the prison and scan the main desk at the office to find the last piece of intel.

Old Wounds intel mission 5 location


For the final piece of intel, you'll head back to the prison cells. This time look for cell 3 on the A level, find a hidden black chest and you'll have completed the Old Wounds intel mission.

Old Wounds intel mission rewards

Sadly, don't expect a fancy new blueprint or even a weapon charm, as the only thing this mission will net you is experience a bit of backstory for the loreheads to enjoy.