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Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide

Dominate your enemies with our guide on how to play the new Prisoner Rescue Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide

With the recent COD Next event bringing us the latest news on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and Warzone Mobile, we've got tons of new content to look forward to. Modern Warfare 2 specifically will be receiving new Game modes such as the Knockout mode and the more familiar Prisoner Rescue Mode.

If you're interested in knowing more about this new Prisoner Rescue mode and how best to play it, then you're in the right place. As we will be guiding you on how best to play this new mode and giving you some useful tips to help you dominate the opposing team. 

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide - Details

As KorTac and DevGru forces descend on a Multiplayer map, one team is assigned Attackers and the other Defenders at the start of a match, similar to Search & Destroy. Every two rounds, teams switch roles.

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide defenders and attackers
Prisoner Rescue mode sees two teams of defenders and attackers trying to extract and defend hostages. (Picture: Activision)

The Defenders must protect two hostages who are being held near their spawn area. Nothing can harm these hostages, but they are completely unable to move on their own.

Attackers must physically pick up these hostages, which are marked with a handcuff icon on the minimap, and either take them back to the extraction point near their spawn or be holding them when the round's timer expires.

The prisoner can be dropped at any time, or they will be dropped automatically if the player carrying them is killed.

Movement and firing are restricted while a prisoner is being held. The holder is not only significantly slowed, but they can only use a sidearm and cannot perform actions like lying down, climbing ladders, or using their melee tool (sorry, no martial arts moves using another person as a weapon).

However, carrying a hostage has advantages. For starters, it is how you save their life. Second, hostage carriers receive a UAV ping around them, allowing you and your team to see if enemies are nearby.

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide carrying hostages has its won perks in this mode
Carrying hostages also brings its own perks to this new mode and makes it more worth the risks. (Picture: Activison)

When an Operator takes lethal damage, they enter a downed state in the default ruleset, allowing a friendly squadmate to revive them. The number of revives that either team can attempt during a match is unlimited, but each squad member can only be revived once.

Points are awarded for the following actions in Prisoner Rescue:

Every prisoner prevented from being extracted earns the defending team 50 points. The Attacking Team receives 100 points for each prisoner extracted or held at the end of a round — that is, when time runs out or the Defending Team is completely wiped out.

In addition, the Attacking Team only receives 50 points if they eliminate all Defenders without touching a prisoner. And most importantly, the winning condition is that the first team to reach 500 points will win the match. 

Players can also gain XP by doing the following during each round:

  • For Attackers: carrying prisoners and extracting them.

  • For Defenders: preventing Attackers from carrying prisoners.

  • For either team: reviving squadmates.

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide - Tips

Below are some of the most useful tips that you need to know to be successful when playing Prisoner Rescue mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: 

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide Tips for gameplay
Below are various tips and tricks you can use to succeed in Prisoner Rescue mode. (Picture: Activision)

With limited lives and the ability to revive, newer players should try to stay near a friendly squadmate at all times. This way, if you fall, your buddy can pick you up and you can work together to defend or hold prisoners, which is difficult to do alone.

Rushing straight toward the enemy, like other objective modes, is an invitation to the bottom of the Scoreboard and a swift kick out of the party. Coordinate with your squadmates on how to defend or rescue those prisoners. 

Squadmates do not die when they are knocked down in this mode. So check to see who is down and, if it is safe to do so, pick up those allies if you want an easy way to rack up experience and contribute to the squad.

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide reviving team mates is vital
Reviving your teammates is vital to your team's success in this mode, and is more tactical than before. (Picture: Activision)

Keep an eye on a downed enemy, as his ally may come over and re-level the playing field with a revive. Knowing where each enemy is downed and checking their location as an Attacker or Defender is a solid strategy for maintaining an advantage for your squad.

Because your Operator can only carry sidearms while transporting prisoners, you should include one as a backup. Instead of the default non-customized Sidearm, you'll get something more suited to your playstyle. Furthermore, Prisoner Rescue is an excellent place to level up Secondaries because carrying them to safety while holding a prisoner grants massive Weapon XP in addition to regular XP.

Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Guide passing hostages to other team mates and playing smart
Remember you can pass the hostage along to other teammates while you support your team. (Picture: Activision)

Prisoners can be put down gently, which can be useful if you're the last Attacker standing. If there is an enemy nearby, it is not a bad idea to put a prisoner down for a few seconds, subdue the threat, and then continue carrying them. Alternatively, if a squadmate is nearby, prisoners can be "passed" along in a relay by dropping and picking them up.

Prisoner Rescue goes beyond simply defending or rescuing prisoners with weapons and equipment. What about setting up Tactical Cameras focused on Prisoner locations, so that you are alerted to the presence of an enemy when they are nearby? As an Attacker, a Smoke Airdrop could help you out of a tight spot or revive a squadmate

And that's everything you need to know to dominate the enemy in the new Prisoner Rescue mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. And don't forget that you can check out the open beta right now to jump into the action. 

For more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest Call of Duty guides, news, tips, and more. 


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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