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Warzone Rebirth Buy Station freezes game: How to fix

Warzone Pacific players are suffering from the latest bug on the Rebirth Island map, which freezes the game whenever they try to use the Buy Station. Why is this Buy Station freeze bug happening and can it be fixed?
Warzone Rebirth Buy Station freezes game: How to fix

Since the Pacific update, it seems that Call of Duty: Warzone players are discovering new game-breaking bugs almost on a daily basis.

Things like the zero damage Melee glitch, the Kar98k semi-auto bug, graphics texture issues, or hacked lobbies are popping out every other day and have incensed the player base, with many thinking the update was rushed out and not properly tested.

The latest irritant comes not on Caldera, rather on the Rebirth Island map. Whenever players approach a Buy Station to spend their hard-earned cash, the game simply freezes or even worse - completely crashes.

Is there a fix for the Buy Station freezing bug in Warzone Pacific? Let's check out.

Warzone Buy Station freezes game fix

Warzone Rebirth Buy Station freezes game: How to fix
Buy Stations are an essential part of gameplay. (Picture: Activision)

Players are reporting that the Buy Station freeze bug is not exclusive to any platform, rather it occurs on PC, Xbox, and PS consoles. 

It seems that it has nothing to do with players' ping as well, as players with low ping are also reporting the Buy Station freezing bug.

For many affected players this bug happens almost always when they open it to buy something.

"Am I the only one this happens to?" asked the Reddit user u/fatversionofyou. "Ever since they brought back Rebirth, the buy station makes my game freeze for 5-10 seconds or just completely crashes to the Xbox dashboard every time I use it lol. Cool feature."

Numerous players who responded in this thread confirmed the issue appearing for them as well, with many saying that they are even afraid of buying anything because they know it can result in Warzone crashing.

Buy Stations are a key component of the game, as they allow you to respawn dead teammates, replenish equipment, buy loadouts and killstreaks. Playing without using them is a huge handicap.

Warzone Rebirth Buy Station freezes game: How to fix
Buy Stations will either freeze the game or completely crash Warzone when players try to use them. (Picture: Activision)

Unfortunately, there are currently not many things you can do in order to fix this issue. Some players are reporting that it only happens if you slide to the Buy Station, so try walking normally towards it and see if this fixes anything.

Other players report that this is an issue that happens if Warzone Pacific is installed on an HDD, so if you own an SSD, make sure that your game is installed there. But this is not confirmed as players on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are also reporting Warzone Buy Station crashing problems, and these consoles have SSDs.

On PC, you can also try uncapping your FPS in settings, a few players reported that the game stopped freezing near Buy Stations after they did that.

You can also try with some of our solutions for Warzone Pacific crashing problems, as these two issues are probably connected.

And with that, we've exhausted all options we currently know. While some of them might work as a temporary workaround, ultimately we will have to wait for developers to fix this serious glitch, hopefully as soon as possible.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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