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Best Diablo Immortal farming class and build

Crush hordes of enemies with our guide on choosing the the best farming class and build specifications in Diablo Immortal.
Best Diablo Immortal farming class and build
While playing Diablo Immortal, you may want to focus your efforts on leveling your character, finding a specific item, or even finding a large amount of one material. Here is where farming comes into play, and while it can be tedious, there are ways to make it easier, specifically, by choosing the best class and build for farming.

So for those of you who want to get a leg up in your farming, this guide is for you. We will walk you through the best class in the game for farming, and include the best build setup for that class as well, and to no surprise, it's the Demon Hunter

Best Diablo Immortal farming class - Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is the fan-favorite in Diablo Immortal, and for farming, it outperforms every other class as well. With its high DPS (Damage per Second), fast movement speed, and attacks that can span large areas and take out multiple targets, it's not hard to see why. 

Best Diablo Immortal farming class and build Demon Hunter
With its high damage output, mobility and unique array of skills, the Demon Hunter holds the title for the best farming class. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

The Demon Hunter class utilizes its abilities such as multishot to shave off health from many enemies all at once. And with the ability to move quickly as you attack, you can deal tons of damage without much risk of taking damage yourself. 

The Demon Hunter also has powerful automated attacks that can deal damage for you, while you continue to move and fire off more attacks. And lastly, some powerful AOE (Area of Effect) attacks can take care of a mob of enemies quickly, letting you clear out a room of enemies in mere minutes. 

Best Diablo Immortal farming class build - Demon Hunter

Below we have listed the best abilities and gear to use when farming solo with the Demon Hunter class in Diablo Immortal.

Thanks to the Demon Hunter class being so versatile, you can decide on other or gear abilities if they appeal more to you, but we recommend keeping the Multi-Shot regardless of your build. 

Best Diablo Immortal farming class and build Best skills and Gear
The Demon Hunter class boasts powerful AOE, single and multi-target abilities that pair perfectly with the correct gear. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Best skills for farming with Demon Hunter class

  • Vengeance – Gives you extra damage when farming elite enemies or bosses. 

  • Sentry – Can be placed down and left to provide additional damage to enemies as you fight, or provide cover fire for when you're fighting something else. 

  • Multishot – This can be fired at any time during your attacks, whether you're auto-attacking, running around, or have sentries firing volleys at your enemies, making this deadly in combo attacks.

  • Daring Swing – Helps you move around the map quickly and avoid getting overwhelmed. You also deal damage as you swing, so it's never a wasted maneuver.

  • Crossbow Shot – A simple crossbow shot that can clear out any enemies left behind. It can also be held down for extra damage and has an ultimate that fires a volley of shots for maximum damage. 

Best gear for farming with Demon Hunter class

  • Main-Hand: Flamespite. Buffs the Multishot attack with Fire/Burn effects.

  • Off-Hand: The Hungerer. Buffs Crossbow Shot and increases any Resonance you might have active.

  • Helm: Vision of the Lost. Berserkers Eye can be added to increase your Vengeance Skill's power for every kill. 

  • Shoulder: Cowl of Absolute Punishment: Buffs Multishot ability.

  • Chest: Heart of Vengeance: Reduces Vengeance cooldown.

  • Pants: Hailfire: Buffs Multishot ability.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.