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League of Legends
League of Legends

Changes Are Coming To League Of Legends' LCS

LCS is gearing up to kick off for near year's season in January, and as part of this process Riot Games has revealed some details about changes it is bringing to the broadcast and regulation behind its NA and EU LCS leagues. It's worth pointing out that Riot has been the target of a lot of criticism surrounding its iron fist control over the rules of the LCS recently and a lot of these adjustments come from the complaints aimed at the developer. But first up is how League Of Legends will now handle relegation from the LCS, meaning only two teams from each region can be relegated at the end of a season rather than the current three. The relegation system will now utilise a best-of-five pair of games with the two lowest teams of each the LCS playing the top two CS teams, with two winners securing a place in the LCS, two loses relegating from (or preventing a place in) the LCS. The two 1-1 placing teams will then play a tiebreaker to decide a second- and third-place, and therefore the second spot in the LCS. Additionally, the prize pool has been increased for each season split to 200,000 dollars/euros - double the previous prize pool - as well as increasing the revenue from team-based in-game sales increasing also - now to a minimum of 50,000 per split per team, regardless of how sales for each team perform. There were few details given in this regard, but it's presumed that revenue will now also be earned from more than just team icons and shared with the teams in question. The reason for these changes, according to Riot, is to promote greater stability to the LCS and the teams involved, reiterating its belief that prize pool should not be the be-all and end-all of competitive gaming. There will also be some changes to the way the season will play out, including changes to the broadcast of the competition too. Now it'll be a two-group series of round robin matches in best-of-three format. In weeks 1-3 teams will play the other teams in their group, weeks 4-7 will have matches against teams in the opposite group while weeks 8-10 will feature matches between the two groups. There's a number of extra changes to the League Of Legends LCS format, but important to viewers will be how the competition is now broadcast, with LCS games being hosted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with some matches being hosted on Sunday too. This will give a greater number of options to fans looking to pick which matches to tune in to and when. All in all these changes seem positive, and it certainly seems like Riot Games has taken on board its criticisms earlier this year - especially since it will be bringing in the independent JAMS who will at as the investigatory board when players or teams want to appeal against fines and penalties issued by Riot.