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League of Legends
League of Legends

League Of Legends Changing To 10 Bans In Pro Play

Riot Games, ahead of the start of League Of Legends' Spring Split, has revealed that it will be changing the pick/ban phase of the game to ten rather than the current six. At least only for pro play, for the time being. The announcement reveals that the decision to make the change was largely to enable greater champion diversity and strategy in competitive play. "We believe that offering more bans will encourage deeper champion pools," the post reads, "with more individual champions seeing the Rift - and that it’ll make a fun and engaging draft phase for fans to watch." That makes sense. With five champion bans per team, teams could well be forced to consider other alternatives when their main champions are ruled out of the game. The idea is to now stagger the two ban and pick phases, also, beginning with bans then picks and then repeating this pattern until five bans and picks have been chosen per team. This will enable a more strategic metagame when teams are picking who to play as and who to ban, and - Riot believes - will make the draft phase more entertaining for viewers. Pick_Phases.jpg&resize=640: The draft will begin as before with three bans and then three picks, with blue team beginning and red team following up. As with the current format, when it comes to picking the blue team will pick first, red team will pick twice, blue two will pick its remaining two and then red team will follow up with its final pick. The difference comes with the additional phase being added on top, where red begins the banning phase (the two teams alternating). The pick phase will then also begin with the red team, following with two picks by blue and then one final pick by red. This gives red team a little more opportunity to counter-pick to blue team's choices than the previous system. This system will be implemented for the Challenger Series and all of Riot's official League Of Legends competitions, but won't be implemented immediately into Ranked Play. The reasons for this are many, according to Riot, who claims that a lack of knowledge surrounding the opposition and the team's preferences and play styles means five bans per side could be unnecessary. Additionally, Riot would not want to increase the time it takes to get into a game for players who are already suggesting it takes too long to actually get into a game. A decreased time spent in the draft/lobby phase is actually something that Riot is considering. Whether this new system is implemented is into regular play is not yet know, but if it is it won't be until the new system has been trailed - and feedback given - during pro play.